Speech Interaction Technology

Our goal is to improve spoken interaction, in applications such as telecommunication and speech interfaces. We develop methods which are efficient and sustainable with respect to resources and provide high sound quality and intuitive interaction while simultaneously retaining the privacy and trust of users. A particular area of interest is environments where multiple people interact with multiple devices, which requires advanced methods for communication, authentication, and processing.
Speech Interaction Technology

Speech Interaction Technology Team 2023

Group Members

Silas Rech

Silas Rech

Doctoral Researcher
Speech Interaction Technology


Our department provides the following courses in speech and language technology:  

Project topics for Bachelor theses, Master’s theses, and special assignments 

We are always open to suggestions of topics for projects, especially when they are related to our current research described above. To aid in finding exciting topics, we maintain a list of suggested project topics at the Special Assignment –page. Note that even if that page is about special assignment projects, most topics can be scaled also to bachelor and master’s theses.  


Latest publications

Optimizing the Performance of Text Classification Models by Improving the Isotropy of the Embeddings using a Joint Loss Function

Joseph Attieh, Abraham Zewoudie, Vladimir Vlassov, Adrian Flanagan, Tom Bäckström 2023 Document Analysis and Recognition – ICDAR 2023 - 17th International Conference, Proceedings

Privacy in Speech Technology

Tom Bäckström 2023 Proceedings of the IEEE

Low-complexity Real-time Neural Network for Blind Bandwidth Extension of Wideband Speech

Esteban Gómez Mellado, Mohammadhassan Vali, Tom Bäckström 2023 31st European Signal Processing Conference, EUSIPCO 2023 - Proceedings

Privacy and Quality Improvements in Open Offices Using Multi-Device Speech Enhancement

Silas Rech, Mohammadhassan Vali, Tom Bäckström 2023 3rd Symposium on Security and Privacy in Speech Communication

The Internet of Sounds: Convergent Trends, Insights and Future Directions

Luca Turchet, Mathieu Lagrange, Cristina Rottondi, György Fazekas, Nils Peters, Jan Østergaard, Frederic Font, Tom Bäckström, Carlo Fischione 2023 IEEE Internet of Things Journal

Interpretable Latent Space Using Space-Filling Curves for Phonetic Analysis in Voice Conversion

Mohammadhassan Vali, Tom Bäckström 2023 Proceedings of Interspeech Conference

Stochastic Optimization of Vector Quantization Methods in Application to Speech and Image Processing

Mohammadhassan Vali, Tom Bäckström 2023 International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing

Speech Localization at Low Bitrates in Wireless Acoustics Sensor Networks

Mariem Bouafif, Pablo Perez Zarazaga, Tom Bäckström, Zied Lachiri 2022 Frontiers in Signal Processing

Introduction to Speech Processing

Tom Bäckström, Okko Räsänen, Abraham Zewoudie, Pablo Perez Zarazaga, Liisa Koivusalo, Sneha Das, Esteban Gómez Mellado, Mariem Bouafif, Daniel Ramos 2022

NSVQ: Noise Substitution in Vector Quantization for Machine Learning

Mohammadhassan Vali, Tom Bäckström 2022 IEEE Access
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