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Sound in Virtual Reality

In our research, we combine spatial audio, acoustic simulation, and auditory perception with interaction and narrative design. We bring together artistic and technical expertise to explore the expressiveness of new audio technology.
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Our active research topics are 

  • Binaural Rendering in Mixed Reality 
  • 6-Degrees-of-Freedom Virtual Acoustics 
  • Spatial Artificial Reverberation
  • Modal Analysis and Synthesis 
  • Reverberation Enhancement Systems 

Sound in Virtual Reality research group is part of the Aalto Acoustics Lab.


Sebastian Jiro Schlecht

Sebastian Jiro Schlecht

Professor of Practice
A806 Department of Art and Media

Latest publications


Laura Beloff, Calvin Guillot Suarez, Sebastian Schlecht, Andrea Mancianti, Esther Saraste, Marko Tandefelt, Petri Ruikka, Jani Hietanen, John W. Fail 2023

Grouped Feedback Delay Networks with Frequency-Dependent Coupling

Orchisama Das, Sebastian J. Schlecht, Enzo De Sena 2023 IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio Speech and Language Processing

Interpolation of Spatial Room Impulse Responses Using Partial Optimal Transport

Aaron Geldert, Nils Meyer-Kahlen, Sebastian J. Schlecht 2023 ICASSP 2023 - 2023 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP)

Design with Sound: The Relevance of Sound in VR as an Immersive Design Tool for Landscape Architecture

Loviisa Luoma, Pia Fricker, Sebastian Schlecht 2023 Journal of Digital Landscape Architecture

Auralization of Measured Room Transitions in Virtual Reality

Thomas McKenzie, Nils Meyer-Kahlen, Christoph Hold, Sebastian J. Schlecht, Ville Pulkki 2023 AES: Journal of the Audio Engineering Society

Inside The Quartet-A first-person virtual reality string quartet production

Nils Meyer-Kahlen, Petra Piiroinen, Gautam Vishwanath, Petri Juntunen, Eero Tiainen, Sebastian Schlecht 2023 Proceedings of the Audio Engineering Society Convention 154

Measuring Motion-to-Sound Latency in Virtual Acoustic Rendering Systems

Nils Meyer-Kahlen, Miranda Kastemaa, Sebastian J. Schlecht, Tapio Lokki 2023 AES: Journal of the Audio Engineering Society

Short-term Rule of Two: Localizing Non-Stationary Noise Events in Swept-Sine Measurements

Karolina Prawda, Sebastian Schlecht, Vesa Välimäki 2023 Proceedings of AES 154th Convention

Bounded-Magnitude Discrete Fourier Transform [Tips & Tricks]

Sebastian J. Schlecht, Vesa Valimaki, Emanuel A.P. Habets 2023 IEEE Signal Processing Magazine

Dark Velvet Noise

Jon Fagerström, Nils Meyer-Kahlen, Sebastian J. Schlecht, Vesa Välimäki 2022 Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx20in22)
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