Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics

Sound in Virtual Reality

In our research, we combine spatial audio, acoustic simulation, and auditory perception with interaction and narrative design. We bring together artistic and technical expertise to explore the expressiveness of new audio technology.
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Our active research topics are 

  • Binaural Rendering in Mixed Reality 
  • 6-Degrees-of-Freedom Virtual Acoustics 
  • Spatial Artificial Reverberation
  • Modal Analysis and Synthesis 
  • Reverberation Enhancement Systems 

Sound in Virtual Reality research group is part of the Aalto Acoustics Lab.


Sebastian Jiro Schlecht

Sebastian Jiro Schlecht

Professor of Practice
A806 Department of Art and Media

Latest publications

Dark Velvet Noise

Jon Fagerström, Nils Meyer-Kahlen, Sebastian J. Schlecht, Vesa Välimäki 2022 Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx20in22)

Analysis of multi-exponential and anisotropic sound energy decay

Georg Götz, Christoph Hold, Thomas McKenzie, Sebastian Schlecht, Ville Pulkki 2022

Neural network for multi-exponential sound energy decay analysis

Georg Götz, Ricardo Falcon Perez, Sebastian Schlecht, Ville Pulkki 2022 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

Resynthesis of Spatial Room Impulse Response Tails With Anisotropic Multi-Slope Decays

Christoph Hold, Thomas McKenzie, Georg Götz, Sebastian Schlecht, Ville Pulkki 2022 Journal of the Audio Engineering Society

Predicting perceptual transparency of head-worn devices

Pedro Llado Gonzalez, Thomas McKenzie, Nils Meyer-Kahlen, Sebastian Schlecht 2022 Journal of the Audio Engineering Society

Ars Libera - Dialogi: Rink

Andrea Mancianti, Emma Fält, Kim Saarinen, Iida Valkoinen, Sebastian Schlecht, Janis Heldmann 2022

The auditory perceived aperture position of the transition between rooms

Thomas McKenzie, Sebastian J. Schlecht, Ville Pulkki 2022 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

Blind Directional Room Impulse Response Parameterization from Relative Transfer Functions

Nils Meyer-Kahlen, Sebastian J. Schlecht 2022 2022 International Workshop on Acoustic Signal Enhancement (IWAENC)

Clearly audible room acoustical differences may not reveal where you are in a room

Nils Meyer-Kahlen, Sebastian Schlecht, Tapio Lokki 2022 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

Colours of Velvet Noise

Nils Meyer-Kahlen, Sebastian Schlecht, Vesa Välimäki 2022 Electronics Letters
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