Our research in psychophysics concentrates mainly on psychoacoustics but addresses also the cross-modal interactions in audiovisual context. The main interests in our psychoacoustical research consist of auditory scene analysis, binaural auditory modeling, phase perception, and assessment of reproduced sound.

An additional interest is to support the work of the spatial audio technique team. In practice, the psychoacoustical research comprises conducting different subjective listening experiments whose results are thereafter applied to different auditory models. The ultimate aim is to use the developed models for instrumental evaluation of auditory scenes and audio signals. We are also collaborating with neurophysiological researchers in order to accurately emulate the processing at the higher stages of the auditory pathway.

The audiovisual research in our team investigates the effects of audiovisual interactions on the visual and auditory perception. Previous research has demonstrated that such interactions have an effect on what subjects hear and/or see, and our aim is to investigate the aspect further. Moreover, we are especially interested in what constitutes the sensation of spatial presence, i.e., what makes an audiovisual environment immersive.

Our special facilities at Aalto University enable us to investigate the aforementioned aspects in various conditions. For instance, the audiovisual research can be done in an immersive environment containing a HD-video screen with a 226 degree field of view, and a 3D surrounding loudspeaker system. On the other hand, the dedicated listening booths or anechoic chamber equipped with a 3D loudspeaker reproduction system enable us to simulate various auditory scenarios in listening tests.

Selected publications

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