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epeli game
Epeli game designed by Peili Vision company

EPELI - Game of Daily Living

The video below presents EPELI (Executive Performance in Everyday Living) game, developed by the research group and implemented by Peili Vision Company. The game has been developed in order to bring “real-life” to the assessment of attention deficits in ADHD children.

In the video below you can see an example scenario. The participant has got back from school and is instructed to take their school back to their room, eat an apple for a snack, answer the phone if it rings, fill the washing machine, and put the oven on at two o'clock to prepare dinner).

Check out the next video to see the children participants playing EPELI.

The description of the current projects will be added to this page. To get an idea about our research now you can take a look at our publications and at the research interests of our lab members

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