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EPELI (Executive Performance in Everyday LIving) game was designed with equal contribution by Juha Salmi, Matti Laine (Åbo Akademi), and Erik Seesjärvi (University of Helsinki) and implemented by the Peili Vision Company. It is developed to accurately measure everyday goal-directed behaviours and to detect related deficits in attention and executive functions in lifelike situations. The game was originally developed to improve the detection of childhood attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). More recently, an adult version of EPELI was implemented, which use in adult ADHD research (in collaboration with Åbo Akademi) and to study attention and executive dysfunctions in hemispatial neglect (in collaboration with Helsinki University Hospital). Both child and adult version of EPELI has been implemented for VR goggles (laboratory testing) and web-browser (home-based testing).

Check out the next video to see the children participants playing EPELI.

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