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Brain activations in ADHD and controls

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Noppari, T., Tuisku, J., Lukkarinen, L., Tani, P., Lindberg, N., Saure, E., Lauerma, E., Tiihonen, J., Hirvonen, J., Helin, S., Salmi, J., Nummenmaa, L. (submitted). Abnormal opioid-dopamine system interaction in autism spectrum disorder.

Tolonen, T., Leppämäki, S., Roine, T., Alho, K., Tani, P., Koski, A., Laine, M., Salmi, J. (submitted). Working memory related functional connectivity in adult ADHD and its amenability to training: A randomized controlled trial.

Koskinen, E., Henttonen, P., Harjunen, V., Krusemark, E., Salmi, J., Tuominen, J., Wuolio, M., Peräkylä, A. (submitted). ‘Wired up about self’ - Narcissistic traits predict elevated physiological arousal during self-disclosure in conversation.

Merzon, L., Tauriainen, S., Triana, A., Nurmi, T., Huhdanpää, H., Mannerkoski, M., Aronen, E.T., Kantonistov, M., Henriksson, L., Macaluso, E., & Salmi, J. (submitted). Real-world goal-directed behavior reveals aberrant functional connectivity in children with ADHD.

Laine, M., Kunnari, A., Eräste, T., Ritakallio, L., Hedberg, B., & Salmi, J. (submitted). The role of spontaneous strategy use in verbal episodic memory impairment in adult ADHD.

Jylkkä, J., Fellman, D., Waris, O., Ritakallio, L., Salmi, J., & Laine, M. (submitted). From task-general to task-specific in a few minutes: Working memory performance is an adaptive process.

Triana-Hoyos, A., Salmi, J., Hayward, N., Saramäki, J., & Glerean, E. (registered report, in-principle accepted). Effects of daily environmental, physiological, and lifestyle factors in functional brain connectivity. PLOS Biology. 

Jaeggi, S., Iordan, A., & Salmi, J. (2024). Cognitive interventions targeting executive functions: How do they impact prefrontal circuits? In Banich, M.T., Haber, S.N., and Robbins, T.W. The Frontal Cortex: Organization, Networks, and Function. Strüngmann Forum Reports, vol. 35, J. R. Lupp, series editor. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

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Rinne, N., Wikman, P., Sahari, E., Salmi, J., Einarsdottir, E., Kere, J., & Alho, K. (2024). Developmental dyslexia susceptibility genes DNAAF4, DCDC2, and NRSN1 are associated with brain function in fluently reading adolescents and young adults. Cerebral Cortex, 1; 34(4).

Ritakallio, L., Fellman, D., Salmi, J., Jylkkä, J., & Laine, M. (2024). Self-reported strategy use in working memory tasks. Scientific Reports.

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Jylkkä, J., Ritakallio, L., Merzon, L., Kangas, S., Kliegel, M., Zuber, S., Hering, A., Laine, M., & Salmi, J. (2023). Assessment of goal-directed behavior and prospective memory in adult ADHD with an online 3D videogame simulating everyday tasks. Scientific Reports, 13(1), 9299. 

Laine, M., Jylkkä, J., Ritakallio, L., Eräste, T., Kangas, S., Hering, A., Zuber, S., Kliegel, M., Fellman, D., & Salmi, J. (2023). Spontaneous memory strategies in a videogame simulating everyday prospective memory tasks. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

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Noppari, T., Sun, L., Lukkarinen, L., Putkinen, V., Tani, P., Lindberg, N., Saure, E., Lauerma, H., Tiihonen,  J., Venetjoki, N., Salomaa, M., Rautio, P., Hirvonen, J., Salmi, J., & Nummenmaa, L. (2022). Brain structural alterations in autism and criminal psychopathy. NeuroImage: Clinical35, 103116.

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Dissertations and theses

Rantala R.M. (2024). Inter-participant synchronisation of brain activity in children with ADHD during video viewing.

Kantonistov, M. (2023). Aivojen toiminnallinen konnektiivisuus ADHD-diagnoosin saaneilla lapsilla lepotilan, videoiden katselun ja virtuaalitodellisuustehtävän aikan.

Kasteenpohja, K. (2023). EPELI-menetelmän aikainen tarpeeton toiminta ja sen yhteys toiminnanohjauksen taitoihin lapsilla : Vertailu VR-laseilla ja tietokoneella.

Vatanen, L. (2023). Lukivaikeuden kandidaattigeenien vaikutus aivojen toiminnalliseen konnektiivisuuteen.

Kangas, S. (2022). Spontaneous internal strategies in a web-based game of prospective memory and executive performance in everyday living: Adults with ADHD and neurotypical adults.

Tauriainen, S. (2022). Unraveling dynamics of brain activation in ADHD children with a novel open-ended virtual reality task.

Eräste, T. (2022). ADHD:hen liittyvä yksilön sisäinen vaihtelu tarkkaavuudessa. Uusi virtuaalitodellisuuteen pohjautuva luonnollisen kaltainen arviointiympäristö

Manninen, R. (2022). Lapsen ja vanhemman välinen suhde osana tarkkaavuuden ja toiminnanohjauksen ongelmien arviointia. 

Puhakka, J. (2021). Using a virtual reality-based tool Epeli for the assessment of ADHD in children.

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