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The most recent research outputs of the Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering from the Aalto Current Research Information System (ACRIS).

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Similar Cognitive Skill Impairment in Children with Upper Limb Motor Disorders Due to Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita and Obstetrical Brachial Plexus Palsy

Evgeny Blagovechtchenski, Maria Koriakina, Dimitri Bredikhin, Olga Agranovich, Dzerassa Kadieva, Evgenia Ermolovich, Iiro P. Jääskeläinen, Anna N. Shestakova 2023 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Social Bodies : Preliminary Evidence That Awareness of Embodied Emotions Is Associated With Recognition of Emotions in the Bodily Cues of Others

Scott D. Blain, Matthew A. Snodgress, Lauri Nummenmaa, Joel S. Peterman, Enrico Glerean, Sohee Park 2023 Psychology of Consciousness: Theory Research, and Practice

T4TE: Team for TMS−EEG to improve reproducibility through an open collaborative initiative

Marta Bortoletto, Domenica Veniero, Petro Julkunen, Julio C. Hernandez-Pavon, Tuomas P. Mutanen, Agnese Zazio, Chiara Bagattini 2023 Brain Stimulation

Altered evoked responses for motor-related words in children with upper limb motor impairments

Dimitri Bredikhin, Olga Agranovich, Maxim Ulanov, Maria Koriakina, Anna N. Shestakova, Dzerassa Kadieva, Grigory Kopytin, Evgenia Ermolovich, Beatriz Bermúdez-Margaretto, Yury Shtyrov, Iiro P. Jääskeläinen, Evgeny Blagovechtchenski 2023 Clinical Neurophysiology

The surface electrode placement determines the magnitude of motor potential evoked by transcranial magnetic stimulation

Marco Antonio Cavalcanti Garcia, Jordania Lindolfo-Almas, Renan Hiroshi Matsuda, Vitória Labiapari Pinto, Anaelli Aparecida Nogueira-Campos, Victor Hugo Souza 2023 BIOMEDICAL SIGNAL PROCESSING AND CONTROL

Development of siRNA and Budesonide Dual-Loaded Hybrid Lipid–Polymer Nanoparticles by Microfluidics Technology as a Platform for Dual Drug Delivery to Macrophages : An In Vitro Mechanistic Study

Sandra López Cerdá, Flavia Fontana, Shiqi Wang, Alexandra Correia, Giuseppina Molinaro, Rubén Pareja Tello, Jouni Hirvonen, Christian Celia, Goncalo Barreto, Hélder A. Santos 2023 Advanced Therapeutics

When nerves hit: The effect of trait anxiety, situational stress, and task mastery on the perception and interpersonal accuracy of musical expressiveness

Álvaro M. Chang-Arana, Anastasios Mavrolampados, Niklas Pokki, Marc R. Thompson 2023 Frontiers in Psychology
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