Department of Mechanical Engineering

System modelling for societies and industry

We focus on large-scale energy systems, integrated assessment models, industrial energy systems and simulation and optimization techniques

Modelling of large-scale energy systems is needed for efficient transformation to sustainability. We analyse and model especially European and Nordic electricity markets and district heat systems, with focus on economic and environmental sustainability. We participate in European and national research projects, for example FINEST Center of Excellence funded by the EU . 
Contact: Professor Sanna Syri, energy technology and energy economics and Jaakko Jääskeläinen, Professor of practise

We specialize in the use and development of energy system and integrated assessment models, to assess critical elements related to system wide, national to global long term energy transitions. A cross cutting theme of the research involves the assessment, description, and modelling of uncertainties related to such transitions.
Contact: Associate professor Ilkka Keppo

DH system

We apply simulation and optimization techniques for configuration, dimensioning and operating renewable energy systems efficiently and use multicriteria analysis methods to support decision making under conflicting techno-economic, environmental and socio-political goals.
Contact: Professor Risto Lahdelma 

Energy hub

In energy technology for industry, the main research areas are energy- and material-efficient technologies, process concepts and process integration. This research includes the development of novel computational tools with process simulation, optimization and machine learning. Measurement approaches for overall efficiency to ensure that multiple aspects of efficiency are accounted for. Experimental research concentrates on drying technology, especially on vacuum drying of veneers. 
 Contact: Staff scientist Timo Laukkanen and senior university lecturer Henrik Holmberg 

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