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With a strong focus on digital manufacturing, production engineering research is interested in additive manufacturing technology, modelling and optimisation of production systems and material removal processes.
Engineering production machine at work in a laboratory

Research focuses on developing new additive manufacturing applications for industry and for medical use. Medical applications cover a wide range of subjects, from pre-surgical planning models to special and patient-specific tools and surgical implants, and even to tissue engineering and 3D printing of living cells. Additive manufacturing technologies and other new methods of digital production offer new opportunities for supply chains and logistics.

Modelling and optimisation of production systems enable the improvement of a production system’s operations on an industrial scale. Developments in ICT and modelling software are rapid. The modelling methods are mainly mathematical programming (optimisation) as well as modelling and optimising queueing networks. The expected development of industrial internet is likely to considerably increase the potential scope and impact of this line of work in the future.

Material removal and forming processes, especially cutting processes, have traditionally played a major role in the research and teaching of the group. The current research of cutting processes mainly involves the application of the finite element method.

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Latest publications

Additive Manufacturing of Resected Oral and Oropharyngeal Tissue: A Pilot Study

Alexandria L Irace, Anne Koivuholma, Eero Huotilainen, Jaana Hagström, Katri Aro, Mika Salmi, Antti Markkola, Heli Sistonen, Timo Atula, Antti Mäkitie 2021 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Design-dependent shrinkage compensation modeling and mechanical property targeting of metal FFF

Ilies Ait-Mansour, Niklas Kretzschmar, Sergei Chekurov, Mika Salmi, Joel Rech 2020 Progress in Additive Manufacturing

Incorporating Field Effects into Functional Product-System Architecting Methods

Kevin Otto, Katja Hölttä-Otto, Roozbeh Sanaei, Kristin L. Wood 2020 Journal of Mechanical Design, Transactions of the ASME

Implementation of Industrial Additive Manufacturing: Intelligent Implants and Drug Delivery Systems

Jan Sher Akmal, Mika Salmi, Antti Mäkitie, Roy Björkstrand, Jouni Partanen 2018 JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL BIOMATERIALS

Comparing stiffness of solid and scaffold nano-TiO2 structures produced by material extrusion method

Afshin Hasani Aleni, Iñigo Flores Ituarte, Ashish Mohite, Luc St-Pierre, Jouni Partanen 2018 Ceramics International

Design processes of design automation practitioners

David Anderson, K. Blake Perez, Zack Xuereb, Kevin Otto, Kris Wood 2018 30th International Conference on Design Theory and Methodology

Printing spare parts through additive manufacturing

Rosa Maria Ballardini, Iñigo Flores Ituarte, Eujin Pei 2018 Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management

Classification of end-use industrial applications of additive manufacturing

Sergei Chekurov, Niklas Kretzschmar 2018 Annals of DAAAM and Proceedings of the International DAAAM Symposium

The perceived value of additively manufactured digital spare parts in industry

Sergei Chekurov, Sini Metsä-Kortelainen, Mika Salmi, Irene Roda, Ari Jussila 2018 International Journal of Production Economics

Increasing energy efficiency in passenger ships by novel energy conservation measures

Rami El Geneidy, Kevin Otto, Pekka Ahtila, Pentti Kujala, Kari Sillanpää, Tero Mäki-Jouppila 2018 JOURNAL OF MARINE ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY
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