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Energy Efficiency and Systems

Energy efficiency plays a key role in solving challenges related to developing a sustainable future for human societies, highlighting the need to optimise energy systems of all sizes.
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In the Energy Efficiency and Systems research group, research is focused on energy generation and energy consumption systems. The scale of these systems ranges from single buildings to industrial energy systems and continental energy networks.

Despite the variety of application areas, common research methods provide opportunities for close cooperation between the group's researchers, thus providing the base of knowledge needed for top-level research. This knowledge base also provides possibilities for international research cooperation.

Efficient energy use and indoor climate in buildings, energy- and material-efficient technologies, process concepts and process integration in industry, and optimal energy systems of communities are the key research knowledge in the group. The basis of the research is in the increasing complexity of energy systems and the need to reduce their environmental impact.

The main research tools are different types of analysis, simulation and optimisation methods used in computer software and programs. These computer programs include both leading commercial software and programs created by the group. Experimental methods are also used, focusing on efficient integration of renewable energy in buildings, on drying technology and on measuring the indoor-air quality and performance of energy systems in buildings.

The societal and economic impact of energy technologies is studied by applying system analysis tools to search for ways to integrate renewable energy and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in energy systems of both industrialised countries like Finland and developing countries. The tools that are utilised include life-cycle approaches, carbon footprint calculation, (primary) energy efficiency analysis, exergy analysis, production simulation and multi-objective optimisation, GIS analysis, investment analysis as well tools for multicriteria decision making. Research is done within national Finnish research programs, the EU’s Horizon programme and in other international research programmes.

The group also studies large transformations of energy systems to reach carbon-neutrality. Medium- and long-term energy system transformations are studied with energy system models, such as EnergyPLAN and EnergyPRO as well as in-house models of electricity markets and demand-side management. The focus of research is on modelling and exploring future developments of national energy systems, city-level heating systems and international electricity markets.

Latest publications

Indoor environmental quality improvement of student dormitories in Tehran, Iran

Nastaran Abdollahzadeh, Azin Velashjerdi Farahani, Kamyar Soleimani, Zahra Sadat Zomorodian 2022 International journal of building pathology and adaptation

Failure consequence evaluation of uncontrollable district heating network

Ding Mao, Peng Wang, Yuchen Ju, Long Ni 2022 Sustainable Cities and Society

An overview of machine learning applications for smart buildings

Kari Alanne, Seppo Sierla 2022 Sustainable Cities and Society

Operational Challenges of Modern Demand-Control Ventilation Systems : A Field Study

Weixin Zhao, Simo Kilpeläinen, Wertti Bask, Sami Lestinen, Risto Kosonen 2022 Buildings

Potential of transcritical recompression Rankine cycle operating with CO2-based binary mixtures

Yuyuan Yang, Tianchen Xue, Zhenghua Rao, Shengming Liao 2022 Energy Conversion and Management

Experimental study of five different VAV air terminal devices under variable heat gain conditions in simulated office and meeting rooms

Yuxin Wu, Panu Mustakallio, Risto Kosonen, Tuomas Kaukola, Jingdong Chen, Hong Liu, Baizhan Li 2022 Building and Environment

Heat-power decoupling and energy saving of the CHP unit with heat pump based waste heat recovery system

Haichao Wang, Pengmin Hua, Xiaozhou Wu, Ruoyu Zhang, Katja Granlund, Ji Li, Yingjie Zhu, Risto Lahdelma, Esa Teppo, Li Yu 2022 Energy

Infection probability under different air distribution patterns

Wei Su, Bin Yang, Arsen Melikov, Chenjiyu Liang, Yalin Lu, Faming Wang, Angui Li, Zhang Lin, Xianting Li, Guangyu Cao, Risto Kosonen 2022 Building and Environment

Decarbonization strategies of Helsinki metropolitan area district heat companies

Yijie Su, Pauli Hiltunen, Sanna Syri, Dilip Khatiwada 2022 Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
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T212 Mechanical Engineering

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