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Energy Conversion

Development of combustion technologies is central in reducing the emissions of energy production, particularly in the transition towards new biomass-based fuels. To this end, we utilise both empirical and computational thermodynamics.
Detail of a Thermodynamics and Combustion machinery

Our expertise in research and higher education is based on thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and chemistry in energy technology. Our technology applications of the research focus mainly on combustion and spray technology, thermal materials and bioenergy conversion.

Latest publications

Impact of Ethane Enrichment on Diesel-Methane Dual-Fuel Combustion

Zeeshan Ahmad, Ossi Kaario, Qiang Cheng, Martti Larmi 2020 SAE Technical Papers

High-pressure direct injection of methanol and pilot diesel

Yabin Dong, Ossi Kaario, Ghulam Hassan, Olli Ranta, Martti Larmi, Bengt Johansson 2020 Fuel

Large-Eddy Simulation of ECN Spray A

Mahmoud Gadalla, Jeevananthan Kannan, Bulut Tekgul, Shervin Karimkashi, Ossi Kaario, Ville Vuorinen 2020 Energies

A numerical study on combustion mode characterization for locally stratified dual-fuel mixtures

Shervin Karimkashi, Heikki Kahila, Ossi Kaario, Martti Larmi, Ville Vuorinen 2020 Combustion and Flame

Numerical study on tri-fuel combustion

Shervin Karimkashi, Heikki Kahila, Ossi Kaario, Martti Larmi, Ville Vuorinen 2020 International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

Modeling the end-use performance of alternative fuels in light-duty vehicles

Yuri Kroyan, Michal Wojcieszyk, Ossi Kaario, Martti Larmi, Kai Zenger 2020 Energy

A computational fluid dynamics study by conjugate heat transfer in OpenFOAM

Alpo Laitinen, Kari Saari, Kirsi Kukko, Petteri Peltonen, Erkki Laurila, Jouni Partanen, Ville Vuorinen 2020 International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow

Computational and experimental investigation of a swirl nozzle for viscous fluids

E. Laurila, S. Koivisto, A. Kankkunen, K. Saari, M. Jarvinen, V. Vuorinen 2020 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MULTIPHASE FLOW
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Research group members

Samuel Cross

Koordinaattori, akateemiset asiat

Mika Järvinen

Professori (Associate professor)

Muhammad Owais

Doctoral candidate
Mechanical Engineering

Lotta Erika Knuutila

Doctoral Candidate
Mechanical Engineering
Shervin Karimkashi Arani

Shervin Karimkashi Arani

Mechanical Engineering

Mahmoud Gadalla

Mechanical Engineering

Sandra Correa Gonzalez

Doctoral candidate
Mechanical Engineering
Atmadeep Bhattacharya

Atmadeep Bhattacharya

Postdoctoral researcher
Mechanical Engineering

Daulet Izbassarov

Postdoctoral researcher
Tiia Sahrakorpi

Tiia Sahrakorpi

Akateeminen koordinaattori
Mechanical Engineering
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