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Research in the unit of Entrepreneurship

Research in entrepreneurship combines theoretical and methodological rigour with practical relevance.
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Cutting-edge research – but not just for the ivory tower

Our research is pronouncedly multi-disciplinary, applying theories and methods from economics, geography, psychology and sociology to diverse entrepreneurial phenomena.

While it is difficult (if not impossible) to summarise the diversity of our research in just a few words, we can confidently state that our research meets the highest quality standards. Our team has not only published in the top journals in the field (Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, International Small Business Journal, Small Business Economics) and adjacent disciplines (Journal of Economic Geography, Regional Studies), but we have also won significant paper awards (Academy of Management, ISBE) and prestigious research funding (Academy of Finland, Tekes).

Some of our research serves the sole purpose of advancing entrepreneurship theory. But much of what we do bears significant policy relevance. For this reason we continue to be active in the policy community, advising policy makers within and beyond the Finnish borders. We have completed consultancy assignments for example for ministries in Finland and Germany as well as the EU and the OECD.


Our editorial activities

In addition to our own research, we also contribute to scholarly debates through our editorial activities.

Our team members are regular ad hoc reviewers for journals such as Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Small Business Management and Regional Studies.

Further, Professor Teemu Kautonen is a Consulting Editor of the International Small Business Journal (ABS3*, Impact Factor 2012: 1.47) and an Editorial Review Board Member of Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (ABS4*, Impact Factor 2012: 2.24).

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