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Quantum computing as an emerging field of science and business

This research project examines the emergence of quantum computing as a field and market from an organization theory perspective. Based on an empirical, real-time study of quantum computing, and drawing on two novel perspectives – narratives and temporality – we seek to provide a new understanding of this conundrum.

Who are we?

Portrait of Aalto University Associate Professor Nina Granqvist

Prof. Nina Granqvist has engaged with this field for well over a decade, with her research on nanotechnology published in the best management journals and awarded with key prizes in her field. She is one of the key researchers in this research area within management and organization studies, and her areas of expertise include institutional theory, market categories, narratives, and temporality.

Heli Nissilä

Heli Nissilä's  expertise lies in science and technology studies research as well as institutional and temporal approaches to field emergence. She has gathered vast experience with qualitative data analysis, from her PhD project tracing both retrospective and real-time emergence of solar industry in Finland. She has also worked in multiple research projects related to renewable energy together with the key professors. Heli has engaged as a speaker at industry events. Her research has been published in many high impact journals related to industry emergence and technology and innovation policy and in edited volumes.

Amber Geurts

Amber Geurts' expertise lies in innovation theories. Amber is a researcher in Technology & Innovation at TNO in the Hague, and a visiting researcher at the School of Business/School of Science at Aalto University, Finland. Her research focuses on the business and societal implications of emerging technologies, such as digitization, big data, Artificial Intelligence, and quantum technologies. Her postdoctoral research project explored the emergence of data-driven materials innovation, using ethnographic studies of big data and AI in materials science.

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