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Our work in the domain of corporate responsibility (CR) deals with the impacts – positive and negative – that business organizations have on society in terms of environmental quality and social and economic well-being. The objective of such work is to increase understanding of the multiple interrelations between business, society, and the environment, and to promote transitions to a more sustainable world.

The research area of CR is very broad and it can be approached from several perspectives. Examples of our current areas of interest include:

  • Philosophical questions: What is the role of business in society?
  • Contemporary questions: How does digitalization affect CR?
  • Strategic questions: How are CR activities related to financial performance outcomes of business?
  • Sustainability questions: When and how can CR activities result in real improvements in social and environmental conditions in the world?
  • Systemic questions: How can corporate and consumer responsibilities work in tandem to transform production-consumption systems?


Research areas

Solar panels in front of mountains

Energy transitions

Renewable energy production and storage technologies change the way we produce and use energy, do business with it, and innovate.

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Two people hauling bags in Brazil

Innovation for poverty alleviation

Frugal innovations by businesses in resource-scarce environments are one promising approach to poverty alleviation.

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Car parked at electric charging station

Innovation for sustainability

The innovation of new sustainable products, services, business models and forms of consumption can help tackle big problems like climate change and resource depletion.

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Recycling bins

Circular economy

Circular economy keeps materials in use longer using strategies like reuse, remanufacture, recycling, and replacing ownership with rentals

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Palms with sustainability pictures drawn on them

New economy

Broader descriptions of economy, work and money are being developed that can help our economy function better.

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Sustainability in Business (SUB)
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