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Cloud and Network Computing

The Cloud and Network Computing group is dedicated to advancing research in networked systems capable of seamlessly managing connectivity and data processing needs of devices, while lowering the environmental footprint of such systems.
Different research areas of the research group

Our research group studies the connectivity and computing requirements of a diverse array of devices ranging from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and drones to mixed reality headsets. Our primary focus is on lowering the environmental footprint while enhancing sustainability, performance, and reliability. Situated at the convergence of wireless communications, cloud and edge computing, and network infrastructure, our research leverages optimization techniques, applied machine learning, and statistical analysis to achieve these objectives.

Current research topics: 

  • Sustainable networked systems: The goal is to establish energy-efficiency and carbon-efficiency as fundamental metrics in designing and managing networked systems 
  • Optimization of networked systems: We design algorithms for managing communication and computing resources in large-scale networked systems.
  • Performance of emerging networked applications: We aim to optimize the performance of emerging applications (such as AR) through intelligent service placement and other application-specific methods.


The research group is led by Gopika Premsankar

Latest publications

A robust optimization approach for placement of applications in edge computing considering latency uncertainty

Jaehee Jeong, Gopika Premsankar, Bissan Ghaddar, Sasu Tarkoma 2024 Omega (United Kingdom)
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