Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

Open course on Product Management, fall 2022

Aalto University and leading product experts organized an open course "Introduction to Product Management" in fall 2022. Here you'll find information regarding the past course. A new version is coming up in fall 2023.

Product management as a role and a function

"Introduction to product management" addresses product management as a professional role and as an organizational function. It introduces the tools and concepts that individual products managers can use to create and maintain coordination among the multiple stakeholders within design, marketing, business development and product development. It also introduces concepts to understand and evaluate organisations and their approaches and competences in product management.

Structure of the product course

Schedule & content

The course runs for 6 weeks, twice a week, starting from September 5th.

Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

How to get on the course or follow the sessions

Both the course and its individual sessions are open for all. You can either come to hear a few experts or take the whole course for credits (3 ETCS).

Developed with leading experts

Product management is a hot and wide topic, with a lot of noise and opinions around it. Ideas are either very specific and particular, or then it is just that "it all depends...".

This course cuts through the product management and gives you a basis to make sense of it. This course has been created and organised from the start with the leading Finnish product management experts. In addition to the this year's line-up, there has been double the amount of experts that have contributed to ideation, crafting, and structuring of the course.

    Photo of Marko Oksanen

    Marko Oksanen, CEO at Coventures

    Photo of Kaisa Salakka

    Kaisa Salakka, Consumer Product at Wolt

    Photo of Udo Szabo

    Udo Szabo, Product Experience at Swappie

    Photo of Terhi Hänninen

    Terhi Hänninen, Product manager at Google

    Photo of Pekka Poukamo

    Pekka Poukamo, Head of Design, Space & Assortment at RELEX Solutions

    Photo of Otto Hilska

    Otto Hilska, Founder & CEO at Swarmia

    Photo of Noora Ahmed-Moshe

    Noora Ahmed-Moshe, Product Leader | Strategy & Culture Specialist | Agile Evangelist 

    photo of Kosti Lepojärvi

    Kosti Lepojärvi, Product dude at Hoxhunt

    Photo of Timo Tervola

    Timo Tervola, Business & Operations Lead at Supercell

    Photo Maria Petrova

    Maria Petrova, VP of Product at Supermetrics

    Photo of Tiina Nieminen

    Tiina Nieminen, Head of Product Management, Services and Solutions R&D at KONE

    Photo of Osma Ahvenlampi

    Osma Ahvenlampi, CPO at Aivo Health

    photo of Heta Ruikka

    Heta Ruikka, VP of Product Management at Sievo

    Photo of Mikko Jääskeläinen

    Mikko Jääskeläinen, Assistant professor at Aalto University

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