Department of Finance

Nikolas Breitkopf

Nikolas Breitkopf, photo

Postdoctoral Researcher

Room: T311 (School of Business, 3rd floor)

Email: [email protected]




A New Measure of Financial Constraints Applicable to Private and Public Firms” (with Ralf Elsas and Catharina Schauer), Journal of Banking and Finance, 101, 270–295, 2019.

Automatic Domain Adaptation Outperforms Manual Domain Adaptation for Predicting Financial Outcomes” (with Hinrich Schütze and Marina Sedinkina), Proceedings of the 57th Conference of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), 346-–359, 2019.


Working Papers

“A Text-Based Measure of Union Power: Evidence from 10-Ks” (with David Florysiak and Harm Schütt)

“From Underleverage to Excess Debt: The Changing Environment of Corporate Debt” (with Ralf Elsas)

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