Department of Finance

Juha Joenväärä

Assistant Professor of Finance
Juha Joenväärä, photo by Evelin Kask

Room: V311 (School of Business building, 3rd floor)

Tel: +358 40 557 1974

Email: [email protected]



Published papers

Joenväärä J., Kosowski R. and Tolonen P. (2019) “The Effect of Investment Constraints on Fund Investor Performance”, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 54, 1539-1571

Joenväärä J. and Scherer B. (2019) “Frictional Diversification Costs: Evidence from a Panel of Fund of Hedge Fund Holdings”, Journal of Empirical Finance 52, 92-111

Joenväärä J., Kauppila M., Kosowski R. and Tolonen P. (2020) “Hedge Fund Performance: Are Stylized Facts Sensitive to Which Database One Uses?” Forthcoming at the Critical Finance Review

Joenväärä J. and Kosowski R. (2020) “The Effect of Regulatory Constraints on Fund Performance: Evidence from UCITS Hedge Funds”, Forthcoming at the Review of Finance

Joenväärä J. and Scherer B. (2017) “A Note on the Valuation of Asset Management Firms”, Financial Markets and Portfolio Management 31, 181–199

Working papers

Joenväärä J. and Tiu C. “Hedge Fund Flows and Name Gravitas

Bollen N., Joenväärä J. and Kauppila M. “Hedge Fund Performance: End of an Era

Joenväärä J., Karppinen J., Teo M. and Tiu C. “Text Sophistication and Sophisticated Investors

Joenväärä J., Kauppila M. and Tolonen P. “Information Content of Hedge Fund Equity Option Holdings

Joenväärä J. and Kahra H. “Hedge Fund Portfolio Selection with Fund Characteristics

Aragon G., Jiang Y., Joenväärä J. and Tiu C. “Socially Responsible Investments: Costs and Benefits for University Endowment Funds

Barth D., Joenväärä J., Kauppila M. and Wermers R. “The Hedge Fund Industry is Bigger (and Has Performed Better) Than You Think

Work in progress

Grønborg N., Joenväärä J., Nielsen O., and Timmermann A. “Hedge Fund Selection: Best Athletes or Portfolio Gains”

Selected media mentions and appearances 

Top of the class: do SRI-focused endowments perform better? UNPRI Academic Blog

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ThinkAdvisor, Beware falling for hedge funds with important-sounding names, April 12, 2017

Fast Company, Don’t judge a hedge fund by its name even if you really want to, April 13, 2017

MarketWatch, Investors have a silly way of picking hedge funds, and it costs them big time, April 13, 2017

Private Wealth magazine, Why shouldn’t judge a hedge fund by its name, April 13, 2017

CNBC, Investors like hedge funds with powerful-sounding names, even if they fail to deliver, March 29, 2017

Vanity Fair, Hedge fund investors like hedge fund names that suggest gravitas, even if their returns suck, March 24, 2017

Bloomberg, Public markets and hedge-fund closings, March 24, 2017

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Financial Times, Are hedge fund managers a dying breed?, March 27, 2014

Financial Times, Hedge funds performance versus liquidity, April 5, 2013

Financial Times, Hedge fund industry fights criticism, April 24, 2012

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