Department of Finance

Eero Kasanen

Professor Emeritus of Finance
Eero Kasanen

Academic Work Experience

- Visiting Professor of Finance, 2011

Aalto University, School of Economics
- Professor of Finance, 2011-
- Executive Dean, 2010

Helsinki School of Economics

- Rector, 1996-2009
- Professor of Finance (in charge of Finance program), 1996-2009
- Associate Professor (tenured) of Accounting, 1989-1995

University of Massachusetts
- Visiting Associate Professor of Finance, 1988-1989

Oulu University
- Associate Professor (tenured) of Economics, 1987-1989

Academic Service

Emil Aaltosen säätiö
(Emil Aaltonen Foundation)
- Member of the Board, 2000-

Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia
(The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters)
- Member, 2000-

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
(Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration)
- Member of the International advisory board, 2007-2011

European Foundation for Management Development
- Member of the EQUIS awarding body, 2008-2011
- Member of the Board, 2006-2011

Liikesivistysrahaston kannatusyhdistys r.y.
(Foundation for Economic Education)
- Member of the Board, 2004-2011

Community of European Management Schools (CEMS)
- Member of the Executive Board, 1999-2011
- Vice-President, Academic Affairds, 2001-02
- Vice-President, Treasurer, 1999-2001

(Foundation of OKO Bank)
- Member of the Board, 1997-2011

Helsingin kauppakorkeakoulun tukisäätiö
(Foundation of the Helsinki School of Economics)
- Member of the Board, 1996-2011

Business Experience

Keskinäinen Vakuutusyhtiö Kaleva
(Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company)
- Member of the Board, 2001-

Suomen Kansallisteatterin Osakeyhtiö
(The National Theatre)
- Member of the Board, 1998-

Itella Oyj
(Finland Post Corporation)
- Chairman of the Board, 2005-2011
- Vice-chairman of the Board, 2004

Elcoteq SE
(Listed company in Helsinki Stock Exchange)
- Member of the Board, 2001-2011

Kesko Oyj
(Listed company in Helsinki Stock Exchange) 
- Member of the Board, 2001-2006
- Member of the Supervisory Board, 1999-2000


Selected peer-reviewed publications

"Dividends and tax avoidance as drivers of earnings management: Evidence from dividend-paying private SMEs in Finland", Journal of Small Business Management, 2020, with Karjalainen, J., Kinnunen, J. & Niskanen, J.

"US government TARP bailout and bank lottery behavior", Journal of Corporate Finance, 2020, with Del Viva, L., Saunders, A. & Trigeorgis, L.

"Real Options, Idiosyncratic Skewness, and Diversification", Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 52 (1), 215-241, 2017, with Luca Del Viva and Lenos Trigeorgis.

"Boundaries Between Business and Politics: A Study on the Division of Moral Labor", Journal of Business Ethics 134(1), 103-116, 2016, with Jukka Mäkinen.

“Earnings management and expected dividend increases around seasoned share issues: Evidence from Finland”, Scandinavian Journal of Management, 16, 209-228, 2000, with Juha Kinnunen, Matti Keloharju, and Jyrki Niskanen.

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“A market utility approach to investment valuation”, European Journal of Operational Research, 74(2), 294-309, 1994, with Lenos Trigeorgis.

“Creating value by spawning investment opportunities”, Financial Management, 22(3), 251-258, 1993.

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“An integrated options-based strategic planning and control model”, Managerial Finance, 17(2-3), 16-28, 1991, with Lenos Trigeorgis.

“Gestalt system of holistic graphics: New management support view of MCDM”, Computers & Operations Research, 18(2), 233-239, 1991, with Ralf Östermark and Milan Zeleny.

“Turnpikes and detours in the renewable resource exploitation under price shocks”, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 7(1), 1-20, 1984.

“Dilemmas with infinitesimal magnitudes”, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 4, 295-301, 1982.

“The spider in the sphere. Eudoxus's Arachne”, Filosofia, 5-6, 225-258, 1975-1976, with Erkka Maula and Jorma Mattila.

Other publications

“The need for good old principles in financial management education” in "Business schools and their contribution to society", edited by Morsing, Mette and Sauquet, Alfons, London: Sage Publishing, forthcoming, with Robert Grosse.

“Avauksia”, Aalto University KAUPPA+TALOUS series, Helsinki, Finland, 2011.

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