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Customer Liquidity Provision: Implications for Corporate Bond Transaction Costs

Jaewon Choi, Yesol Huh, Sean Shin 2023 Management Science

The association between chronotype and wages at mid-age

Andrew Conlin, Iiro Nerg, Leena Ala-Mursula, Tapio Räihä, Marko Korhonen 2023 Economics and Human Biology

Currency carry trades and global funding risk

Sara Ferreira Filipe, Juuso Nissinen, Matti Suominen 2023 JOURNAL OF BANKING AND FINANCE

Information Content of Hedge Fund Equity Option Holdings

Juha Joenväärä, Mikko Kauppila, Pekka Tolonen 2023 Journal of Alternative Investments

Dividends and tax avoidance as drivers of earnings management

Jussi Karjalainen, Eero Kasanen, Juha Kinnunen, Jyrki Niskanen 2023 Journal of Small Business Management

What drives stock market participation? The role of institutional, traditional, and behavioral factors

Markku Kaustia, Andrew Conlin, Niilo Luotonen 2023 JOURNAL OF BANKING AND FINANCE

CEO Health

Matti Keloharju, Samuli Knüpfer, Joacim Tåg 2023 LEADERSHIP QUARTERLY

Social Interaction in the Family: Evidence from Investors’ Security Holdings

Samuli Knüpfer, Elias Rantapuska, Matti Sarvimäki 2023 Review of Finance

How to Alleviate Correlation Neglect in Investment Decisions

Christine Laudenbach, Michael Ungeheuer, Martin Weber 2023 Management Science

Big Tech's power, political corporate social responsibility, and regulation

Juho Lindman, Jukka Mäkinen, Eero Kasanen 2023 JOURNAL OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
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