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Martin Andraud Group

In the world of ubiquitous systems and internet of things (IoT), electronic circuits and systems must be better, i.e. at the same time more intelligent and more power-efficient. More intelligent, to adapt to their environment, be as close as possible to fulfill the user’s needs, but also to avoid being too pervasive. More power-efficient, because power consumption matters, both to extend the lifetime of our portable devices and to limit their environmental impact.

The focus of this group is to enable better circuits and systems, through several channels.

  1. Developing strategies and tools so that circuits can compensate for their variations (process, aging, operating conditions) and adapt in the field, based on machine learning techniques. This includes innovative adaptation algorithms to be embedded on-chip, and automated Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools.
  2. Enabling these strategies to be energy-efficiently run on-chip, by designing custom analog and mixed-signal (AMS) neuromorphic integrated circuits (ICs). This includes the design of communication or sensory ICs, together with embedded machine learning blocks. 

I don’t decide anymore, my circuit does!

Martin Andraud 
e-mail: martin.andraud at
tel. +358 503 227 094

Postal address:
Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering
Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering
P.O. Box 15500, 00076 Aalto, Finland

Visiting address:
TUAS-building, room 2192
Maarintie 8, 02150 Espoo

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