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Magnetism and applications is studied by Eija Tanskanen group that is part of the Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering, Aalto University. The main research topic is the magnetic environment on ground, near-Earth space, moon and solar surface. Magnetic disturbances vary in time-scales from seconds and minutes to seasons and solar cycles (11- and 22-years). The magnetic environment is monitored by magnetometers which data is used to detect auroral substorms and their seasonal pattern, Pc5 pulsations, Alfvénic fluctuations embedded to fast solar wind, solar surface magnetic field topology, coronal hole morphology and stellar variability. The group is located in the second floor of the TUAS building.

We live in an electromagnetic world almost without noticing the forces that have an influence on us, on our environment and on the basic functions of our society. Our lives and homes are filled with devices, used every day, which are based on magnetic forces including cars, computers, microwave ovens, credit cards and cell phones. Research of magnetism has a long history starting over 4000 years ago when compass was invented for orientation purposes. Scientific quality geomagnetic data has been recorded in Finland since 1844 and high-quality magnetometers have been build in Aalto University (then Helsinki University of Technology) already in 1950´s. Nowadays wide variety of magnetic data is available from ground and space instruments which can be used to study how magnetic forces act in spatial scales from nanometers to light years and time-scales from seconds to solar cycles. Large magnetic disturbances affect critical infrastructure and functions such as telecommunication, aviation, electricity, energy and water supply as well as navigation.

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Latest publications

Newly Digitized Data From Scandinavian Magnetometer Array Network Shows Large Regional Differences in Magnetic Environment

O. Kärhä, E. I. Tanskanen 2022 Journal of geophysical research: Space physics

Solar cycle evolution of ULF wave power in solar wind and on ground

Reko Hynönen, Eija I. Tanskanen, Patrizia Francia 2020 JOURNAL OF SPACE WEATHER AND SPACE CLIMATE

Coulomb drag propulsion experiments of ESTCube-2 and FORESAIL-1

Iaroslav Iakubivskyi, Pekka Janhunen, Jaan Praks, Viljo Allik, Kadri Bussov, Bruce Clayhills, Janis Dalbins, Tõnis Eenmäe, Hendrik Ehrpais, Jouni Envall, Sean Haslam, Erik Ilbis, Nemanja Jovanovic, Emilia Kilpua, Joosep Kivastik, Jürgen Laks, Philipp Laufer, Maido Merisalu, Matias Meskanen, Robert Märk, Ankit Nath, Petri Niemelä, Mart Noorma, Muhammad Rizwan Mughal, Samuli Nyman, Mihkel Pajusalu, Minna Palmroth, Aditya Savio Paul, Tatu Peltola, Mathias Plans, Jouni Polkko, Quazi Saimoon Islam, Anu Reinart, Bagus Riwanto, Väino Sammelselg, Janis Sate, Indrek Sünter, Martin Tajmar, Eija Tanskanen, Hans Teras, Petri Toivanen, Rami Vainio, Mika Väänänen, Andris Slavinskis 2020 Acta Astronautica

The effects of solar activity on the Global Atmospheric Electrical Circuit

Marzieh Khansari, Eija Tanskanen, Shabnam Nikbakhsh 2020

Solar cycle variation of simple and complex active regions

Shabnam Nikbakhsh, Eija Tanskanen, Maarit Käpylä, Thomas Hackman 2020

Differences in the solar cycle variability of simple and complex active regions during 1996-2018

Shabnam Nikbakhsh, Eija Tanskanen, Maarit Käpylä, T. Hackman 2019 Astronomy & Astrophysics

Study of Magnetic Complexity of Solar Active Regions from 1996 to 2017

Shabnam Nikbakhsh, Eija Tanskanen, Thomas Hackman, Maarit Käpylä 2018

High-Frequency Geomagnetic Fluctuations at Auroral Oval and Polar Cap

P. Peitso, E. I. Tanskanen, T. I. Pulkkinen, K. Mursula 2018 Space Weather

On feasibility of Moon remnant magnetic field measurements with a CubeSat mission

M. Alho, E. Kallio, J. Praks, E. Tanskanen, B. Riwanto, P. Peitso, J. Envall, P. Janhunen, M. Väänänen 2017

Pc5 geomagnetic pulsations follow closely solar wind ultra-low frequency wave activity

Reko Hynönen, Eija Tanskanen, Patrizia Francia 2017 Journal of geophysical research: Space physics
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