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Research topics

We study both the fundamental small-scale robotics and automation techniques as well as applications in specific biomedical, material, and industrial fields.

Acoustic field-based manipulation

Research | Robotic Instruments

Aalto University / Robotic Instruments Group, Acoustic manipulation / photo/art: Quan Zhou

Airflow field-based manipulation

Research | Robotic Instruments

Airflow field-based manipulation copy

Biomimetic threading of gel fibers

Research | Robotic Instruments

Threading gel fibers

Capillary manipulation & microassembly

Research | Robotic Instruments

Stacked dies

Selective magnetic manipulation

Research | Robotic Instruments

Two robotic electromagnetic needle manipulators

Scanning droplet adhesion microscopy

Research | Robotic Instruments

Aalto University / Robotics Instrument Group: Scanning Droplet Adhesion Microscopy / photo: Matti Hokkanen

Wetting and microfluidics

Research | Robotic Instruments

Cover of Advanced Materials journal magazine for year 2013, Vol. 25, No. 16. The background is gray. On center there is a shperical droplet dyed blue, lying on the surface of silicon. Around it there are two perfectly circular rings of water. The reflection on the Silicon surface cast their mirror image.
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