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Intelligent Robotics

Intelligent Robotics group performs research in robotics, computer vision and machine learning.
Intelligent robotics

Future applications of robotics require the systems to operate in complex and unstructured environments such as homes. To operate in environments built for humans, robots need to possess human-like capabilities in areas such as perception, manipulation, and reasoning. Intelligent Robotics group works actively to develop intelligent robotic systems and robotic vision with a particular emphasis on developing methods and systems that cope with imperfect knowledge and uncertain senses.

Research focus in mobile manipulation

Research topics include multi-modal estimation and control for robotics, manipulation under uncertainty, and learning and reasoning in robotics. Different kinds of mathematical models are applied to help robots make decisions and to get smarter over time.

Manipulation in uncertain environments

Manipulation skill is essential for domestic service robots. Adaptation when knowledge is incomplete can be done by perceiving the environment while acting on it. The group has state-of-the-art robotic platforms that allow developing multi-modal sensing and advanced processing of sensor information in real time.

Learning and reasoning

To adapt to new environments, robots need to be able to learn. Learning can come in many guises, learning from the robot's own experience as well as learning from human demonstrations. Also other robots can serve as teachers to transfer knowledge and allow robots to cooperatively pursue tasks. The group is actively pursuing research along all these directions.


The group is collaborating actively with major research partners. Through previous and current European projects, the group has an extensive collaboration network with partners around Europe.

More information from the group's own Group Page.

Intelligent Robotics group is led by Professor Ville Kyrki, vice head of department.

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