Illumination engineering

Lighting research group’s fundamental goal is to advance the research and education of illumination engineering and electrical building services.Lighting research group is one well-known unit of Aalto University. The group is one of the prestigious lighting units in Europe and is the only institution in Finland to provide higher education (undergraduate and post-graduate) in illuminating engineering and to conduct related scientific research. The lighting research is carried out in several national and international research projects. It has also versatile facilities for lighting measurements and testing.
Illumination engineering

Education is given at undergraduate level within study courses. Furthermore, post-graduate seminars and courses are arranged in varying expertise areas of illumination engineering.

Research is carried out in the following areas:

  • Indoor lighting and energy efficient lighting systems
  • Outdoor lighting and visual and biological effects of lighting
  • Lighting measurements and testing
  • LEDs and plant lighting
  • Electrical building services

More information about research topics on group's own Web Pages.

The research group is led by professor Jorma Kyyrä and Dr. Pramod Bhusal.

Projects of the group

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