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Equipment | Robotic Instruments

Equipment of the Robotic Instruments group.

main / equipment

Miniaturised robotic platforms

  • Microgripper station
  • Robotic electromagnetic needles
  • Gel threading station
  • Ferrofluidic micromanipulator
  • Acoustic plate micromanipulation system
  • 9-DOF nanorobotic platform


  • Nikon Eclipse Ti2 
  • Zeiss Axioscope 5
  • Lyncee tec DHM
  • Zeiss Axio Vert. A1
  • Scanning droplet adhesion microscope
  • Numerous tube microscopes

High-speed cameras

  • Phantom V2012
  • Phantom Miro LC310

Contact angle goniometer

  • Biolin Scientific Theta Lite

Numerous  electromagnetic and piezoelectric motorized stages, micro/nano force sensors, micro/nano displacement sensors, contact and noncontact droplet dispensers, linear and power amplifiers, DAQ devices, video cameras, etc.

Robotic Instruments
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