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CreaTures (2020-2023)

Creative practices for transformational futures (INUSE/ENCORE)
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Creative practices are underused in the urgent task of changing cultures towards sustainability. The CreaTures consortium seeks to promote action for social and ecological sustainability by identifying those aspects of creative practices that contribute most effectively to positive social transformation. Through direct engagement and co-creation, our observatory, laboratory, and evaluation procedures bring together diverse arts and design practices with common intentions to transform society. Together, we examine common processes towards sustainability (e.g. socially engaged and participatory art and design practices, citizen science, user communities) to create insights that allow projects to focus their efforts more effectively and policy-makers and implementers to see the merit of employing these approaches. By understanding the impact such engagement and collaboration can have upon publics, we can engage more effectively in sustainability-generating action.

Funding: European Union H2020 Program

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Tuuli Mattelmäki

Tuuli Mattelmäki

Professor (Associate Professor)
Department of Design
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