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Doctoral track combines Master’s and doctoral studies

Top students selected to the doctoral track can have their studies tailored towards pursuing a doctoral degree and start working in the department’s research groups already during their Master’s studies.
PML Research Group in Department of Computer Science

The department will not take new students on the doctoral track anymore (updated May 2022).

The Doctoral Track Programme is a competitive research-oriented study Programme for exceptional Master’s students in Computer Science with an interest towards a doctoral degree. The programme was first piloted in 2017 and currently covers several study tracks of the Master’s Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences and the Master’s Programme in Life Science Technologies.

The doctoral track provides an opportunity for selected students to start working towards the doctoral degree directly from the start of their Master’s studies, following a personalised study and research plan. In practice, doctoral track students are included in research groups at the Department of Computer Science and receive top-level individual supervision. The Doctoral Track Programme comprises Master’s courses, Research Experience Projects, a Master’s thesis, and doctoral studies leading to an excellent dissertation.

Students will conduct two to three internship research projects in different research groups of the department. These internship projects and the Master’s coursework will take the first 1-1,5 years of studies, after which students will agree on the professor who will supervise them towards a doctoral degree. The Master’s thesis typically leads to a first research paper, and students will receive a Master’s degree before continuing to doctoral studies. The goal is to complete the doctoral degree in a total of five years, with an excellent dissertation.


During the period of research internships, doctoral track students can be employed part-time by the department. In addition, during their Master’s theses students may be employed on a full-time contract in the supervisor’s research group. Study success will be assessed annually, and excellent performance with timely progress will guarantee full-time funding support for the length of the doctoral studies.

After graduation

There is a constant demand for top-level experts specialised in research areas within Computer Science and its applications. The doctoral track and the Master’s programmes at Aalto University are highly attractive to many employers both in academia and industry. Doctoral studies pursued in a world-class research group provide essential skills needed for working on cutting-edge problems in this field. 

Student selections

New doctoral track students are selected in connection to the application process to Master’s programmes. The most promising Master’s programme candidates are invited for doctoral track interviews, and selection decisions are announced within the timeframe of the Aalto Master’s programmes intake. 

Call for Doctoral Track Programme student positions for Aalto students

The department will not take new students on the doctoral track anymore (updated May 2022).

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