Study Communications Engineering

The department Communications and Networking provides mainly master's and doctoral level education, but also has the responsibility for the courses related to communications and networks (ICT) in the bachelor's level Information Technology major for native students in Finnish and Digital Systems and Design major students in English.

Information Technology (in Finnish)

Digital Systems and Design

Master's studies

In Master’s level the Department of Communications and Networking provides most of the courses of Communications Engineering (CE) major, which is one of the majors under the Master's Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences. CE major gives a solid understanding of Internet technologies, wireless communications and communications ecosystems - from the perspective of concepts, technologies and methodologies. Read more.

Doctoral studies

In Doctoral level studies are related to following research fields: Network Economics,  Communications Engineering, Teletraffic Theory, Networking Technology and Information Theory. Read more about Doctoral Programme in Electrical Engineering from here.

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