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Communications Theory

The research group develops principles for an all-wireless future.
Aalto University / Communications theory reserach group / picture: Aalto University

The current research interests of the communication theory group are in:

  • coding theory
  • multiantenna techniques
  • quantum communication
  • cognitive, heterogeneous and self-organizing wireless networks.

The development of cellular systems keeps opening up new frontiers and enabling the use of methods of increasing sophistication to optimize system performance on all layers in Radio Access Networks (RANs).

Quantum communication is emerging as a paradigm for perfect physical layer security.

Current topics include:

  • 5G wireless networks
    • spectrum and interference management
    • machine learning for wireless network optimization
    • Network-level interference cancelation and coordination
    • Massive and mmWave MIMO
  • Coding on compact manifolds
  • Quantum key distribution


The research group is led by Professor Olav Tirkkonen.

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