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Communications Theory

The research group develops principles for an all-wireless future.
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The current research interests of the communication theory group are in:

  • coding theory
  • multiantenna techniques
  • quantum communication
  • cognitive, heterogeneous and self-organizing wireless networks.

The development of cellular systems keeps opening up new frontiers and enabling the use of methods of increasing sophistication to optimize system performance on all layers in Radio Access Networks (RANs).

Quantum communication is emerging as a paradigm for perfect physical layer security.

Current topics include:

  • 5G wireless networks
    • spectrum and interference management
    • machine learning for wireless network optimization
    • Network-level interference cancelation and coordination
    • Massive and mmWave MIMO
  • Coding on compact manifolds
  • Quantum key distribution


The research group is led by Professor Olav Tirkkonen.

Latest publications

Channel Charting with Angle-Delay-Power-Profile Features and Earth-Mover Distance

Hanan Al-Tous, Parham Kazemi, Christoph Studer, Olav Tirkkonen 2023 56th Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers, ACSSC 2022

Performance Analysis of Binary Chirp Decoding

Mahdi Bayanifar, Robert Calderbank, Olav Tirkkonen 2023 2023 IEEE Information Theory Workshop, ITW 2023

Self-dual double circulant, self-dual double negacirculant and LCD double negacirculant codes over the ring F[]/⟨2-, 2-, ⟩

Hai Q. Dinh, Bhanu Pratap Yadav, Bac T. Nguyen, Ashish Kumar Upadhyay, Woraphon Yamaka 2023 IEEE Access

Wireless Channel Charting: Theory, Practice, and Applications

Paul Ferrand, Maxime Guillaud, Christoph Studer, Olav Tirkkonen 2023 IEEE Communications Magazine

Beam SNR Prediction Using Channel Charting

Parham Kazemi, Hanan Al-Tous, Tushara Ponnada, Christoph Studer, Olav Tirkkonen 2023 IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology

Covariance Difference of Arrival based Fingerprinting Localization

Xinze Li, Hanan Al-Tous, Salah Eddine Hajri, Olav Tirkkonen 2023 2023 IEEE 97th Vehicular Technology Conference, VTC 2023-Spring - Proceedings

Modular CSI Quantization for FDD Massive MIMO Communication

Jialing Liao, Roope Vehkalahti, Tefjol Pllaha, Wei Han, Olav Tirkkonen 2023 IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications

Secret Key Generation Between Ambient Backscatter Devices

Jari Lietzen, Olav Tirkkonen 2023 IEEE Access

Midhaul Performance Modelling Using Commodity Hardware C-RAN Testbed

Nicolas Malm, Kalle Ruttik, Olav Tirkkonen 2023 Wireless Personal Communications
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