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Research in analytical chemistry concentrates on luminescence techniques. The group is led by Professor Sakari Kulmala.
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Cathodic electrogenerated chemiluminescence

In luminescence techniques, a molecule or an ion is excited by energy from light (photoluminescence), or from a chemical reaction (chemiluminescence), and emits light as it returns to the ground energy level. If the chemical reaction is an electrochemical one, the technique is called electrochemiluminescence (ECL) or electrogenerated chemiluminescence.

The techniques are very sensitive, and the limit of detection in ECL is typically as low as pmol/L or less. A review on modern luminescence methods (S. Kulmala, J. Suomi, Analytica Chimica Acta 500(2003) 21-69) gives an overview of the techniques and their applications. The main research interest in the laboratory of Analytical chemictry is ECL and its applications.

Currently the main topic is electrochemiluminescence applications in bioaffinity assays. Some scientific articles on the subject have already been published. Wood and wood-based materials, such as pulp, have also been studied to find out how different factors in the samples affect their photoluminescence. There are currently no ongoing projects in the laboratory on capillary electrophoresis and gas chromatography, but the students in the laboratory will also get to work with these equipment during their studies.

Research group members:

Latest publications:

Electrochemical Generation of Hot Electrons in Fully Aqueous Solutions at Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon Thin Film Electrodes and Electrochemiluminescence Immunoassay of Serum Amyloid A

Kalle Salminen, Jian Hui Fang, Jarkko Etula, Niklas Wester, Jarkko Eskola, Sakari Kulmala, Jian Jun Sun 2023 Electroanalysis

Carbon Particle-Doped Polymer Layers on Metals as Chemically and Mechanically Resistant Composite Electrodes for Hot Electron Electrochemistry

Rokon Uddin, Kalle Salminen, Veikko Sariola, Sakari Kulmala 2022 Journal of Electrochemical Science and Technology

Hot electron-induced electrochemiluminescence at cellulose derivatives-based composite electrodes

Päivi Grönroos, Kalle Salminen, Jouni Paltakari, Qiang Zhang, Nan Wei, Esko Kauppinen, Sakari Kulmala 2019 Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry

Immunoassays Based on Hot Electron-Induced Electrochemiluminescence at Disposable Cell Chips with Printed Electrodes

Päivi Grönroos, Nur Nur-E-Habiba, Kalle Salminen, Marja Nissinen, Tomi Tuomaala, Kim Miikki, Qiang Zhang, Nan Wei, Esko Kauppinen, Jarkko Eskola, Harri Härmä, Sakari Kulmala 2019 Sensors (Basel, Switzerland)

Immunoassay based on hot electron induced electrochemiluminescense on disposable cell chips with printed electrodes

Kalle Salminen, Päivi Grönroos, Esko Kauppinen, Veikko Sariola, Sakari Kulmala 2019


Markku Syrjänpää, Emmiliisa Vuorinen, Sakari Kulmala, Qi Wang, Harri Härmä, Kari Kopra 2019 Analytica Chimica Acta

Phosphorescence and fluorescence of fibrillar cellulose films

Päivi Grönroos, Marko Bessonoff, Kalle Salminen, Jouni Paltakari, Sakari Kulmala 2018 Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal

Label-Free Time-Gated Luminescent Detection Method for the Nucleotides with Varying Phosphate Content

Kari Kopra, Tanja Seppälä, Dana Rabara, Maria Abreu-Blanco, Sakari Kulmala, Matthew Holderfield, Harri Härmä 2018 Sensors (Basel, Switzerland)
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