Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering

Programme AFPM 2019

The Programme for AFPM 2019 conference in Finland .
Dipoli / juhlaportaat / kuvaaja: Tuomas Uusheimo

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The full programme can be found as an attachment below. 

In short the programme looks like this:

Wednesday June 5th

8:00-17:30 Conference day 1 lectures including poster sessions

17:30-> Haltia - The Finnish Nature Centre, for Espoo City reception.

Thursday June 6th

9:00-17:00 Conference day 2 lectures

17:00 Boat trip to Gala Dinner Location

19:00 Gala Dinner

Friday June 7th

9:00-14:00 Conference day 3 lectures, poster award, lunch

End of official part of the conference. For a small extra charge we offer a Finnish experience afternoon on Friday for those interested.

14:00-16:00 Extended Program Finnish Forest Chemistry

18:00-22:00 Finnish Sauna Experience

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