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Sustainable textiles

Textiles and clothing play a central role in our everyday lives. The growing negative environmental impact of textile production prompts researchers, manufacturers and decision makers worldwide to take action.
Dyed textile samples
Photo: Nicole Nygren

Our research team continues the development of the Ioncell® process which was established by Professor emeritus Herbert Sixta in collaboration with the University of Helsinki. The focus is on textile recycling and sustainable dyeing processes. Further, nonwoven and technical applications such as fiber reinforced composites and new routes for the functionalization of biobased fibers are explored. 

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Projects supported by:

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Ongoing projects:

  • Sustainable structural sandwiches and hollow composites parts for automotive, boat and aerospace markets (2023-2026) funded by the European Commission 
  • Hydrophobic cellulose fibers overcoming technical and market challenges through biomimicry (2022-2026) funded by Aalto University Bioinnovation Center 
  • Sustainable textile systems: Co-creating resource-wise business for Finland in global textile networks (2019-2025) funded by the Academy of Finland 
  • Sustainable fit-for-purpose nonwovens (2023-2024) funded by ExpandFibre and Business Finland 

Previous projects:

  • From cellulose to new Finnish man-made cellulose fibers and sustainably colored textiles (2021-2023) funded by ExpandFibre and Business Finland 


  • Laboratory scale dry-jet wet spinning lines (3 different sizes) 
  • Auxiliary equipment for spinning solution preparation 
  • Fiber testing units 
  • Yarn spinning line 
  • Ring knitting machine 
  • Falling-film evaporator 
  • Shear, extensional, and capillary rheometers
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