Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems

Cellulose films

Transparent cellulosic films as packaging or membranes are still niche products only. Our research focuses on the use of the Ioncell® technology to produce high-strength films through continuous extrusion. We are aiming at the development of a solid technical basis for further upscaling. Further, paths to functionalize films either through incorporation or derivatization are explored.

Transparent film in front of a wood log
Photo: Eva Gonzales Carmona

Projects supported by:

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Ongoing projects:

  • Development of Cellulose films from renewable raw materials by means of the Ioncell® technology, as an alternative to cellophane and PET/PP films (in collaboration with Professor emeritus Herbert Sixta)
  • Compatibility in dispersion of surface biomaterial-treated filler with biosourced polymers (in collaboration with Professor emeritus Patrick Gane)

Key equipment:

Dry-jet wet extrusion line for continuous film production

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