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Bio2Future course "Wood construction in climate change mitigation"

Turn your research into practice with our two-week EIT Climate-KIC Summer School on wood construction in climate change mitigation. In the future, we will think of wood buildings not just as living or working places, but also as “temporal carbon storage” that will ideally be recirculated into new buildings. The wood mate¬rial contained will be a valuable resource that not only per¬forms its technical function in the building but it will also store carbon and substitute energy intensive materials, thereby helping to mitigate climate change.
To reflect this value, great care will be taken to analyse the entire wood supply chain, to understand the stakeholder ecosystem and to design the wood products, structures and buildings so that wood can be used in the best overall way to help combat climate change.
Wood Constructon
How can we fully harness the climate change mitigation potential of wood construction? (Image: Sibelius Hall, Lahti)

We warmly invite post-graduate and PhD students as well as professionals interested in climate change related matters to come and learn more about the potential of forests and wood products to combat climate change. We anticipate that this summer school will be of interest to students and professionals working in, for example, materials, architecture, civil engineering, forestry, political and social studies etc. Other post-graduate students who are interested in climate change topics as well as professionals with outstanding skills and motivation to participate are also invited to apply.

Come and join our program to learn about the unique potential that wood has to mitigate climate change!

Photo: Nina Riutta
Photo: Nina Riutta
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