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Bio2Future course "Novel carbohydrate-based materials from microbes"

The course "Novel carbohydrate-based materials from microbes" (5 ECTS) will be organized from 17th to 21st August 2020( because of the uncertain situations with COVID-19 this summer school is postponed to 2021). The course is targeted to postgraduate students, post-doctoral researchers and participants from the industry with an interest in polysaccharide-based biomaterials and products.
Photo: Nina Riutta

Course in brief

The course will focus on microbial polysaccharides biosynthesis and how genetic engineering can be applied for tailoring of the biosynthesis. In addition, the course will explore how enzymatic activities derived from microbial polysaccharides biosynthesis can be identified and utilized in vitro in the production of polysaccharide-based products. Furthermore, the necessary molecular level analytical techniques will be discussed. In the course, examples of microbial polysaccharides as materials or as value-added products ranging for food and health applications will be discussed.

Photo: Nina Riutta
Photos: Nina Riutta

Contact information

Responsible professor: Alexander Frey ([email protected])

Coordinator: Elaheh Sharifi ([email protected])

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