Department of Art and Media

Transdisciplinary research across art + science + technology (RAT)

The RAT-research group holds an interest in approaches to the Art & Science & Technology, which deal with encounters between bio/technological, ecological, computational and other matters.

Undertaking a transdisciplinary practice-led research approach, the group is currently focusing on diverse perspectives, such as investigating our technology-infused world and precarious environment through art, animistic viewpoints, empathetic responses, and looking at how diverse scientific methods and point of views influence our experience and perception of reality. In the core are evolving terms such as artificial, natural, ecology, life, ‘real’, non-human worlds, and other related concepts. 

Currently we are: Mari Keski-Korsu, Juan Duarte, Aurora Del Rio, Katri Naukkarinen, Cynthia Blanchette (starting fall 2023) and Laura Beloff (Prof)

R - research, ritual, radical, reality, re/cursivity, robotics, …
A - art, animism, appearance, atmosphere, animal, arctic, activist …
T - transdisciplinary, technology, tangibility, tension, trap …

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