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TAITE - Elective courses

The elective courses for the School of Arts, Design and Architecture at all program levels offered by TAITE.

Elective Courses in Transdisciplinary Art Studies

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ARTS-A0304 Colour and Perception
ARTS-A0413 Metal Casting 101
ARTS-A0416 Ways of Making 1 - Mold making & casting techniques
ARTS-E0402 Advanced Sculpture Project
ARTS-A0412 Digital Sculpture 1 - 3D Modelling for Sculpture
ARTS-E0711 Sculpture Now!
ARTS-A0418 Digital Sculpture 2 - Programming for sculptors
ARTS-A0414 Synths & Amps
ARTS-A0417 Ways of Making 2 - Constructing sculpture with wood and metal
ARTS-A0223 Watercolour Workshop
ARTS-A0201 Freehand Drawing
ARTS-A0208 Life Drawing
ARTS-A0218 Basics of Comic Art
ARTS-A0219 Forms of Comics Expression and Storytelling
ARTS-A0624 Sarjakuvan historia *
ARTS-A0221 Drawing and Painting Workshop
ARTS-A0225 Contemporary Drawing
ARTS-A0220 Comic Art Project
ARTS-A0224 Drawing in Space
ARTS-A0222 Introduction to Comic Art Project
ARTS-A0622 Environmental Thinking
ARTS-A0623 Global Perspectives: Re-mapping the History of Art
ARTS-A0627 Art, Life and Entrepreneurship 1 - What is entrepreneurship?
ARTS-A0628 Art, Life and Entrepreneurship 2 – Test run
ARTS-A0626 Becoming a Creative Professional
ARTS-A0217 Landscape - Then and Now
ARTS-E0301 Väri - Valo - Tila *
ARTS-A0503 Advanced Course in Screen Printing 
ARTS-A0506 Japanese Watercolour Woodcut
ARTS-A0703 Digital Art 1 - programming for visual artists
ARTS-A0502 Introduction to Silkscreen
ARTS-A0507 Basic Course in Woodcut

* language of instruction is Finnish

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