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Feminism and Queer in Art Education (FAQ)

The FAQ (Feminism and Queer in Art Education) is an evolving group that engages faculty, students, alumni and partners (institutions and individuals) in exploring the roles, functions, guiding ideologies, aims and practices of arts and education programmes and institutions, curricula, policy making from a caring, holistic, sensuous, antinormative, queer, and intersectional feminist perspective. The scholarship and projects of this changing and evolving group often emerge from the the interests of and requests by students or partners. The group welcomes collaboration and advocates for non-normative educational, artistic, and cultural approaches that explore largely silenced issues. The projects that are undertaken often emerge from personal experiences, but address systemic discrimination embedded within broad and complex cultural, institutional and political structures.
a colorful drawing depicting a fruit, a Black mermaid, a hairy person in underwear and boots, an orchid, a rainbow-colored blob, high heels, a person with a flower growing from their armpit, a unicorn, a person with long hair squatting in boots and text "power" reading in between their legs, a quote saying "let's meet. here's a pic"
Image credits: Larissa Haggrén & Heta Huttunen, 2018

FAQ’s first published book Feminism and Queer in Art Education (2018) focused on texts written by students. The book pdf is available at:

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