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Voltage Control of Magnetism

Leveraging strain transfer in multiferroic heterostructures or reversible ion migration in metal/oxide bilayers and complex oxides, we seek to control magnetism by low-power voltage pulses in thin magnetic films and nanostructures.

Voltage control of magnetism provides an energy-efficient alternative to the use of magnetic fields or electric currents in magnetic memory and computing technologies. We focus on two approaches: Strain-coupling in ferromagnetic/ferroelectric bilayers and reversible ion migration.

Voltage control of magnetic domain wall motion in Fe/BaTiO3. The images with green and purple dots are recorded after applying positive and negative voltage pulses. From [9].

In the ferromagnetic/ferroelectric bilayers that we study, we couple ferromagnetic films to the ferroelastic stripe domains of a ferroelectric BaTiO3 substrate. Strain transfer and inverse magnetostriction in this system leads to the imprinting of ferroelastic domain patterns into the ferromagnetic film [1-7]. Using ferromagnetic/ferroelectric domain correlations, we have demonstrated voltage control of local magnetic switching [1-3,10], the writing and erasure of regular magnetic stripe patterns [1-3], and voltage-driven reversible magnetic domain wall motion [8,9,12,14]. We also investigated the behavior of strongly pinned magnetic/ferroelectric domain walls [4,11,15] and showed that reprogramming of the magnetic domain wall structure by an external magnetic field could be used to turn the transmission of spin waves on and off [16]. Most recently, we realized voltage control over the amplitude and phase of propagating spin waves in a ferromagnetic/ferroelectric system [19].

Schematic of a magneto-ionic lithium-ion battery structure and demonstration of voltage-driven magnetic switching between perpendicular and in-plane magnetization states.

In our magneto-ionics projects, we utilize voltage-controlled ion migration as a tool to manipulate the properties of complex oxides and ferromagnetic metals. We employ in-situ transmission electron microscopy for atomic-resolution imaging of voltage-driven redox processes [21], ion-migration-induced structural phase transitions [22], and the ordering of oxygen vacancies into 2D and 3D patterns under voltage, thermal, and mechanical actuation [23,24]. In these studies, cross-sectional specimens are mounted on sample holders that allow for the application of voltage pulses, heating, or mechanical nanoprobing. As a key result, we directly imaged oxygen vacancy-driven structural and resistive phase transitions in La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 films [22]. To gauge the effect of voltage pulses on magnetism, we primarily use magneto-optical Kerr effect microscopy. While we initially focused on reversible oxygen ion migration [21], we more recently studied voltage control of magnetism in multilayer stacks that are inspired by lithium-ion battery and supercapacitor technology. We found that the magnetization of thin Co films could be reversibly switched between perpendicular and in-plane states using lithium-ion migration without drastically altering the saturation magnetization [25]. Studies on the use of lithium ions in manipulating magnetic skyrmions and RKKY coupling are ongoing.           


Ferromagnetic/ferroelectric bilayers

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