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Theory of Quantum Matter (TQM)

Our research concentrates on fundamental properties of matter.
Aalto University/Theory of Quantum Matter

Our goal is to explore, predict and design novel phases of matter where quantum mechanics play a key role. We are also working with experimental people to carry out our visions. Our research philosophy is that of theoretical physics -- we employ modern tools of quantum many-body theory and transport theory, though we are no strangers to numerics. Our main efforts are focused on the theory of topological matter <>, including topological metals, insulators and superconductors. The field of topological matter, having rapidly achieved a central status in contemporary condensed matter physics, combines concepts across the board from solid-state theory to particle physics.  Realizations of topological matter hold promise in revolutionarizing quantum information and nanoelectronics in the future.  

Latest publications

Topological phase transitions in glassy quantum matter

Isac Sahlberg, Alex Weststrom, Kim Poyhonen, Teemu Ojanen 2020 PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH

Engineering of Chern insulators and circuits of topological edge states

Emma L. Minarelli, Kim Poÿhönen, Gerwin A.R. Van Dalum, Teemu Ojanen, Lars Fritz 2019 Physical Review B

Observation of coexistence of Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states and spin-flip excitations

Kezilebieke Shawulienu, Rok Žitko, Marc Dvorak, Teemu Ojanen, Peter Liljeroth 2019 Nano Letters

Coupled Yu-Shiba-Rusinov States in Molecular Dimers on NbSe2

Shawulienu Kezilebieke, Marc Dvorak, Teemu Ojanen, Peter Liljeroth 2018 Nano Letters

Amorphous topological superconductivity in a Shiba glass

Kim Pöyhönen, Isac Sahlberg, Alex Westström, Teemu Ojanen 2018 Nature Communications

Topological states in engineered atomic lattices

Robert Drost, Teemu Ojanen, Ari Harju, Peter Liljeroth 2017 Nature Physics

Engineering one-dimensional topological phases on p -wave superconductors

Isac Sahlberg, Alex Westström, Kim Pöyhönen, Teemu Ojanen 2017 Physical Review B
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