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2024 (5)

  1. Lepikko S., Morais Jaques Y., Junaid M., Backholm M., Lahtinen J., Julin J., Jokinen V.,  Sajavaara T., Sammalkorpi M., Foster A. S., Ras R. H. A.,
    Droplet slipperiness despite surface heterogeneity at molecular scale, 
    Nature Chemistry 16, 506-513 (2024). (link)
  2. Mai C. T. K., Halme J., Nurmi H. A., da Silva A. M., Lorite G. S., Martineau D., Narbey S., Mozaffari N., Ras R. H. A., Hashmi S. G., Vuckovac M.,
    Super-Droplet-Repellent Carbon-Based Printable Perovskite Solar Cells, 
    Advanced Science (2024). (link)
  3. Backholm M., Kärki T., Nurmi H.A., Vuckovac M., Turkki V., Lepikko S., Jokinen V., Quéré D., Timonen J.V.I., Ras R. H. A.,
    Towards vanishing droplet friction on repellent surfaces,
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (PNAS) e2315214121 (2024). (link)
  4. Kostiainen M.A., Priimagi A., Timonen J.V.I., Ras R. H. A., Sammalkorpi M., Penttilä M., Ikkala O., Linder M.B.,
    Materials Inspired by Living Functions, 
    Advanced Functional Materials (2024). (link)
  5. Vieira A., Jokinen V., Lepikko S., Ras R.H.A., Zhou Q.
    Through-Drop Imaging of Liquid–Solid Interfaces: From Contact Angle Variations Along the Droplet Perimeter to Mapping of Contact Angles Across a Surface,
    Langmuir (2024). (link)

2023 (11)

  1. Tesler A. B., Kolle S., Prado L. H., Thievessen I., Böhringer D., Backholm M., Karunakaran B., Nurmi H. A., Latikka M., Fischer L., Stafslien S., Cenev Z. M., Timonen J. V. I., Bruns M., Mazare A., Lohbauer U., Virtanen S., Fabry B., Schmuki P., Ras R. H. A., Aizenberg J., Goldmann W. H.,
    Long-term stability of aerophilic metallic surfaces underwater,
    Nature Materials 22, 1548–1555 (2023). (link)
  2. Chen L., Huang S., Ras R. H. A.,Tian X.,
    Omniphobic liquid-like surfaces,
    Nature Reviews Chemistry 7, 123–137 (2023). (link)
  3. Wong W. S. Y., Kiseleva M. S., Zhou S., Junaid M., Pitkänen L., Ras R. H. A.,
    Design of Fluoro-Free Surfaces Super-Repellent to Low Surface Tension Liquids,
    Advanced Materials 35, 2300306 (2023). (link)
  4. Daniel D., Vuckovac M., Backholm M., Latikka M., Karyappa R., Koh X. Q., Timonen J. V. I., Tomczak N., Ras R. H. A.,
    Probing surface wetting across multiple force, length and time scales,
    Communications Physics 6, 152 (2023). (link)
  5. Riccobelli D., Al-Terke H. H. , Laaksonen P., Metrangolo P., Paananen A., Ras R. H. A. , Ciarletta P., Vella D.,
    Flattened and Wrinkled Encapsulated Droplets: Shape Morphing Induced by Gravity and Evaporation,
    Physical Review Letters 130, 218202 (2023). (link)
  6. Al-Terke H. H., Beaune G., Junaid M., Seitsonen J., Paananen A., Timonen J. V. I., Joensuu J., Brochard-Wyart F., Ras R. H. A.,
    Compressibility and porosity modulate the mechanical properties of giant gas vesicles,
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), e2211509120 (2023). (link)
  7. Jonkergouw C., Beyeh N. K., Osmekhina E., Leskinen K., Taimoory S. M., Federov D., Anaya-Plaza E., Kostiainen M. A., Trant J. F., Ras R. H. A., Saavalainen P., Linder M. B.,
    Repurposing host-guest chemistry to sequester virulence and eradicate biofilms in multidrug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Acinetobacter baumannii,
    Nature Communications, 2141 (2023). (link)
  8. Vieira A., Cui W., Jokinen V., Ras R. H. A., Zhou Q.,
    Through-drop imaging of moving contact lines and contact areas on opaque water-repellent surfaces,
    Soft Matter, 2350–2359 (2023). (link)
  9. Zhou S., Gustavsson L., Beaune G., Chandra S., Niskanen J., Ruokolainen J., Timonen J. V. I., Ikkala O., Peng B., Ras R. H. A., 
    pH-Responsive Near-Infrared Emitting Gold Nanoclusters,
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition, e202312679 (2023). (link)
  10. Chandra S., Sciortino A., Das S., Ahmed F., Jana A., Roy J., Li D., Liljeström V., Jiang H., Johansson L.-S., Chen X., Nonappa, Cannas M., Pradeep T., Peng B., Ras R. H. A., Sun Z., Ikkala O., Messina F.,
    Gold Au(I)6 Clusters with Ligand-Derived Atomic Steric Locking: Multifunctional Optoelectrical Properties and Quantum Coherence,
    Advanced Optical Materials 2202649 (2023) (link)
  11. Jana A., Dar W. A., Jana S. K., Poonia A. K., Yadav V., Roy J., Chandra S., Adarsh K. N. V. D., Ras R. H. A., Pradeep T.,
    Photoconversion of Ag31 to Ag42 Initiated by Solvated Electrons,
    Chemistry of Materials (2023) (link)

2022 (7)

  1. Chandra S., Sciortino A., Shandilya S., Fang L., Chen X., Nonappa, Jiang H., Johansson L.-S., Cannas M., Ruokolainen J., Ras R. H. A., Messina F., Peng B., Ikkala O.,
    Core-selective silver-doping of gold nanoclusters by surface-bound sulphates on colloidal templates: From synthetic mechanism to relaxation dynamics,
    Advanced Optical Materials, 2201901 (2022). (link)
  2. Zhou S., Peng B., Duan Y., Liu K. ,Ikkala O., Ras R. H. A.,
    Bright and Photostable Fluorescent Metal Nanocluster Supraparticles from Invert Emulsions,
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition, e202210808 (2022). (link)
  3. Afzalifar A., Shields G.C., Fowler V.R., Ras R.H.A.,
    Probing the Free Energy of Small Water Clusters: Revisiting Classical Nucleation Theory,
    Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 13, 8038−8046 (2022). (link)
  4. Junaid M., Nurmi H. A., Latikka M., Vuckovac M., Ras R. H. A.,
    Oscillating droplet tribometer for sensitive and reliable wetting characterization of superhydrophobic surfaces,
    Droplet, 1, 43–52 (2022). (link)
  5. Pigliacelli C., Acocella A., Díez I., Moretti L., Dichiarante V., Demitri N., Jiang H., Maiuri M., Ras R. H. A., Bombelli F. B., Cerullo G., Zerbetto F., Metrangolo P., Terraneo G.,
    High-resolution crystal structure of a 20 kDa superfluorinated gold nanocluster,
    Nature Communications, 13, 2607 (2022). (link)
  6. Nurmi H. A., Yu C., Toptunov D., Ras R. H. A., Jokinen V.,
    Superhydrophobic Lubrication: Gas–Liquid Bilayer Reduces the Friction Between Two Solids,
    Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2102132 (2022). (link)
  7. Zhou S., Duan Y., Liu K., Ras R.H.A.,
    Bright and Stable Gold Nanocluster Assemblies by Silica/Zirconia Double-Shell Encapsulation,
    Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 10001–10008 (2022). (link)

2021 (8)

  1. Al-Terke H. H., Latikka M., Timonen J. V. I., Vékás L., Paananen A., Joensuu J., Ras R. H. A.,
    Functional Magnetic Microdroplets for Antibody Extraction,
    Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2101317 (2021). (link)
  2. Bitarafan M.H., Zhou S., Hänninen J., Duan Y., Leio M., Ras R.H.A., Toivonen J.,
    Light-patterned Fluorescent Gold Nanoclusters in Polycarbonate Films,
    Optical Materials Express 11, 4015–4025 (2021). (link)
  3. Hokkanen M.J., Backholm M., Vuckovac M., Zhou Q., Ras R.H.A.,
    Force-based Wetting Characterization of Stochastic Superhydrophobic Coatings at Nanonewton Sensitivity,
    Advanced Materials 33, 2105130 (2021). (link)
  4. Dong Z., Vuckovac M., Cui W., Zhou Q., Ras R.H.A., Levkin P.A.
    3D printing of superhydrophobic objects with bulk nanostructure,
    Advanced Materials 33, 2106068 (2021). (link)
  5. Cenev Z., Harischandra P.A.D., Nurmi S., Latikka M., Hynninen V., Ras R.H.A., Timonen J.V.I., Zhou Q.,
    Ferrofluidic Manipulator: Automatic Manipulation of Nonmagnetic Microparticles at the Air–Ferrofluid Interface,
    IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics 26 1932–1940 (2021). (link)
  6. Xu W., Mihhels K., Kotov N., Lepikko S., Ras R.H.A., Johnson C.M., Pettersson T., Kontturi E.,
    Solid-state polymer adsorption for surface modification: the role of molecular weight,
    Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 605,441–450 (2021). (link) [pdf]
  7. Chakraborty A., Nonappa, Mondal B., Chaudhari K., Rekola H., Hynninen V., Kostiainen M. A., Ras R. H. A., Pradeep T.,
    Near-Infrared Chiral Plasmonic Microwires through Precision Assembly of Gold Nanorods on Soft Biotemplates,
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 125, 3256–3267 (2021). (link)
  8. Hynninen V., Chandra S., Das S., Amini M., Dai Y., Lepikko S., Mohammadi P., Hietala S., Ras R. H. A., Sun Z., Ikkala O., Nonappa,
    Luminescent Gold Nanocluster‐Methylcellulose Composite Optical Fibers with Low Attenuation Coefficient and High Photostability,
    Small 2005205 (2021). (link)

2020 (9)

  1. Wang D., Sun Q., Hokkanen M.J., Zhang C., Lin F.-Y., Liu Q., Zhu S.-P., Zhou T., Chang Q., He B., Zhou Q., Chen L., Wang Z., Ras R.H.A., Deng X.,
    Design of Robust Superhydrophobic Surfaces,
    Nature 582, 55–59 (2020). (link) (pdf view only) (press release)
  2. Vuckovac M., Backholm M., Timonen J.V.I., Ras R.H.A.,
    Viscosity-Enhanced Droplet Motion in Sealed Superhydrophobic Capillaries,
    Science Advances 6, eaba5197 (2020).(link) [pdf]
  3. Backholm M., Molpeceres D., Vuckovac M., Nurmi H., Hokkanen M.J., Jokinen V., Timonen J.V.I., Ras R.H.A.,
    Water droplet friction and rolling dynamics on superhydrophobic surfaces,
    Communications Materials 1,64 (2020).(link) [pdf]
  4. Latikka M., Backholm M., Baidya A., Ballesio A., Serve A., Beaune G., Timonen J.V.I., Pradeep T., Ras R.H.A.,
    Ferrofluid microdroplet splitting for population-based microfluidics and interfacial tensiometry,
    Advanced Science 2000359 (2020). (link) [pdf]
  5. Al-Azawi A., Hörenz C., Tupasela T., Ikkala O., Jokinen V., Franssila S., Ras R.H.A.,
    Slippery and Magnetically Responsive Micropillared Surfaces for Manipulation of Droplets and Beads,
    AIP Advances 10, 085021 (2020). (link) [pdf]
  6. Vapaavuori J., Koskela J.E., Wang X., Ras R.H.A., Priimagi A., Bazuin C.G., Pellerina C.,
    Effect of hydrogen-bond strength on photoresponsive properties of polymer azobenzene complexes,
    Canadian Journal of Chemistry 98,531–538 (2020). (link)
  7. Jana A., Chakraborty P., Dar W., Chandra S., Khatun E., Kannan M.P., Ras R.H.A., Pradeep T.,
    Dual Emitting Ag35 Nanocluster Protected by 2-Pyrene Imine Thiol,
    Chemical Communications, 56, 12550–12553 (2020). (link) [pdf]
  8. Yu C., Sasic S., Liu K., Salameh S., Ras R.H.A., van Ommen R.,
    Nature-Inspired Self-Cleaning Surfaces: Mechanisms, Modelling, and Manufacturing,
    Chemical Engineering Research and Design 155, 48-65 (2020). (link) [pdf]
  9. Al-Azawi A., Cenev Z., Tupasela T., Peng B., Ikkala O., Zhou Q., Jokinen V., Franssila S., Ras R.H.A.,
    Tunable and Magnetic Thiol-ene Micropillar Arrays,
    Macromolecular Rapid Communications 41, 1900522 (2020). (link) [pdf]

2019 (8)

  1. Liu K., Vuckovac M., Latikka M., Huhtamäki T., Ras R.H.A.,
    Improving surface-wetting characterization,
    Science 363, 1147−1148 (2019). (link) [pdf] (press release)
  2. Zhang C., Chang Y., Xiao X., Liu G., Xu Z., Wang B., Yu C., Ras R.H.A., Jiang L.,
    Efficient separation of immiscible oil/water mixtures using a perforated lotus leaf,
    Green Chemistry 21, 6579–6584 (2019). (link) [pdf]
  3. Vuckovac M., Latikka M., Liu K., Huhtamäki T., Ras R.H.A.,
    Uncertainties in Contact Angle Goniometry,
    Soft Matter 15, 7089–7096 (2019). (link) [pdf]
  4. Baidya A., Yatheendran A., Ahuja T., Sudhakar C., Kumar Das S., Ras R.H.A., Pradeep T.,
    Waterborne Fluorine-Free Superhydrophobic Surfaces Exhibiting Simultaneous CO2 and Humidity Sorption,
    Advanced Materials Interfaces 6, 1901013 (2019). (link) [pdf]
  5. Chandra S., Nonappa, Beaune G., Som A., Zhou S., Lahtinen J., Jiang H., Timonen J.V.I., Ikkala O., Ras R.H.A.,
    Highly luminescent gold nanocluster frameworks,
    Advanced Optical Materials 7, 1900620 (2019). (link) [pdf]
  6. Chang B., Liu H., Ras R.H.A., Zhou Q.,
    Capillary Transport of Miniature Soft Ribbons,
    Micromachines 10, 684 (2019). (link) [pdf]
  7. Zhang H., Muhammad J., Liu K., Ras R.H.A., Ikkala O.,
    Light-induced reversible hydrophobization of cationic gold nanoparticles via electrostatic adsorption of photoacid,
    Nanoscale 11, 14118−14122 (2019). (link) [pdf]
  8. Xu W., Näkki S., Wang J.T.W., Wu J., Li F., Rantanen J., Nissinen T., Kettunen M., Backholm M., Ras R.H.A., Al-Jamal K., Lehto V.-P.,
    Designed inorganic porous nanovector with controlled release and MRI features for safe administration of doxorubicin,
    International Journal of Pharmaceutics 554, 327−336 (2019). (link) [pdf]

2018 (15)

  1. Huhtamäki T., Tian X., Korhonen J.T., Ras R.H.A.,
    Surface-Wetting Characterization using Contact-Angle Measurements,
    Nature Protocols 13, 1521–1538 (2018). (link) [pdf] (press release)
  2. Dong Z., Schumann M.F., Hokkanen M.J., Chang B., Welle A., Zhou Q., Ras R.H.A., Xu Z., Wegener M., Levkin P.A.,
    Superoleophobic Slippery Lubricant-Infused Surface: Combining two Extremes in the same Surface,
    Advanced Materials 30, 1803890 (2018). (link) [pdf]
  3. Chang B., Kivinen O., Pini I., Levkin P.A., Ras R.H.A., Zhou Q.,
    Nanoliter Deposition on Star-shaped Hydrophilic-Superhydrophobic Patterned Surfaces,
    Soft Matter 14, 7500–7506 (2018). (link) [pdf]
  4. Beyeh N.K., Nonappa, Liljeström V., Mikkila J., Korpi A., Bochicchio D., Pavan G.M., Ikkala O., Ras R.H.A., Kostiainen M.A.,
    Crystalline Cyclophane−Protein Cage Framework,
    ACS Nano 12, 8029−8036 (2018). (link) [pdf]
  5. Dichiarante V., Martinez Espinoza M.I., Gazzera L., Vuckovac M., Latikka M., Cavallo G., Raffaini G., Oropesa-Nuñez R., Canale C., Dante S., Marras S., Carzino R., Prato M., Ras R.H.A., Metrangolo P.,
    A Short-Chain Multibranched Perfluoroalkyl Thiol for More Sustainable Hydrophobic Coatings,
    ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 6, 9734−9743 (2018). (link) [pdf]
  6. Vasilescu C., Latikka M., Knudsen K.D., Garamus V.M., Socoliuc V., Turcu R., Tombácz E., Susan-Resiga D., Ras R.H.A., Vékás L.,
    High concentration aqueous magnetic fluids: structure, colloidal stability, magnetic and flow properties,
    Soft Matter 14, 6648–6666 (2018). (link) [pdf]
  7. Välimäki S., Beyeh N.K., Linko V., Ras R.H.A., Kostiainen M.A.,
    A supramolecular host-guest complex for heparin binding and sensing,
    Nanoscale 10, 14022–14030 (2018). (link) [pdf]
  8. Latikka M., Backholm M., Timonen J.V.I., Ras R.H.A.,
    Wetting of ferrofluids: phenomena and control,
    Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science 36, 118–129 (2018). (link) [pdf]
  9. Baidya A., Das S.K., Ras R.H.A., Pradeep T.,
    Fabrication of a Waterborne Durable Superhydrophobic Material Functioning in Air and under Oil,
    Advanced Materials Interfaces 5, 1701523 (2018). (link) [pdf]
  10. Barmaki S., Jokinen J., Obermaier D., Blokhina D., Korhonen M., Ras R.H.A., Vuola J., Franssila  S., Kankuri E.,
    A microfluidic oxygen sink to create a targeted cellular hypoxic microenvironment under ambient atmospheric conditions,
    Acta Biomaterialia 73, 167–179 (2018). (link) [pdf]
  11. Jokinen V., Kankuri E., Hoshian S., Franssila S., Ras R.H.A.,
    Superhydrophobic blood-repellent surfaces,
    Advanced Materials 30, 1705104 (2018). (link) [pdf]
  12. Khanjani P., King A.W.T., Partl G.J., Johansson L.-S., Kostiainen M.A., Ras R.H.A.,
    Superhydrophobic paper from nanostructured fluorinated cellulose esters,
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10, 11280–11288(2018).  (link) [pdf]
  13. Huang S., Ras R.H.A., Tian X.,
    Antifouling membranes for oily wastewater treatment: interplay between wetting and fouling,
    Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science 11, 90–109 (2018). (link) [pdf]
  14. Beyeh N.K., Díez I., Taimoory S.M., Meister D., Feig A.I., Trant J.F., Ras. R.H.A, Rissanen K.,
    High-affinity and selective detection of pyrophosphate in water by a resorcinarene salt receptor​,
    Chemical Science 9, 1358–1367 (2018). (link) [pdf]
  15. Puttreddy R., Beyeh N.K., Jurček P., Turunen L., Trant J.F., Ras. R.H.A., Rissanen K.,
    Host-guest complexes of C-propyl-2-bromoresorcinarene with aromatic N-oxides,
    Supramolecular Chemistry 30, 445–454 (2018). (link) [pdf

2017 (15)

  1. Liimatainen V., Vuckovac M., Jokinen V., Sariola V., Hokkanen M., Zhou Q., Ras R.H.A.,
    Mapping microscale wetting variations on biological and synthetic water-repellent surfaces,
    Nature Communications 8, 1798 (2017). (link) [pdf]
  2. Liljeström V., Ora A., Hassinen J., Rekola H., Nonappa, Heilala, M., Hynninen V., Joensuu J., Ras R.H.A., Törmä P., Ikkala O., Kostiainen M.A.,
    Cooperative colloidal self-assembly of metal-protein superlattice wires,
    Nature Communications 8, 671(2017). (link) [pdf]
  3. Backholm M., Timonen J.V.I., Ras R.H.A.,
    Slippery and never wet,
    Europhysics News 48, 30–33 (2017). (link) [pdf]
  4. Baidya A., Ganayee M.A., Ravindrana S.J., Tam K.C., Das S.K., Ras R.H.A., Pradeep T.,
    Organic Solvent-Free Fabrication of Durable and Multifunctional Superhydrophobic Paper from Waterborne Fluorinated Cellulose Nanofiber Building Blocks,
    ACS Nano (2017) 11, 11091–11099(2017). (link) [pdf]
  5. Turunen L., Pan F., Beyeh N.K., Trant J.F., Ras. R.H.A., Rissanen K.,
    Bamboo-like Chained Cavities and Other Halogen-Bonded Complexes from Tetrahaloethynyl Cavitands with Simple Ditopic Halogen Bond Acceptors,
    Crystal Growth and Design 18, 513–520 (2017). (link) [pdf]
  6. Hoshian S., Kankuri E., Ras R.H.A., Franssila S., Jokinen V.,
    Water and Blood Repellent Flexible Tubes,
    Scientific Reports 7, 16019 (2017). (link) [pdf]
  7. Al-Azawi A., Latikka M., Jokinen V., Franssila S., Ras R.H.A.,
    Friction and Wetting Transitions of Magnetic Droplets on Micropillared Superhydrophobic Surfaces,
    Small 13, 1700860 (2017). (link) [pdf]
  8. Turunen L., Pan F., Beyeh N.K., Cetina M., Trant J.F., Ras R.H.A., Rissanen K.,
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    Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A 35, 010801 (2017). (link) [pdf]​

2016 (17)

  1. Tian X., Verho T., Ras R.H.A.,
    Moving superhydrophobic surfaces toward real-world applications,
    Science 352, 142-143(2016). (link) [pdf]
  2. Li J., Qin Q.H., Shah A., Ras R.H.A., Tian X., Jokinen V.,
    Oil Droplet Self-Transportation on Oleophobic Surfaces,
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    Unusual Dual Superlyophobic Surfaces in Oil-Water Systems: the Design Principles,
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    Chiral plasmonics using twisting along cellulose nanocrystals as a template for gold nanoparticles,
    Advanced Materials 28, 5262–5267 (2016). (link) [pdf]
  5. R.H.A. Ras, X. Tian, B. Chang, J.V.I. Timonen,
    Droplet Manipulation on Liquid-Repellent Surfaces,
    in “Non-wettable Surfaces: Theory, Preparation and Applications”, Ras R.H.A., Marmur A. (eds.) Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge (2016) 368-384. (link)
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