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Department of Applied Physics, NanoMaterials, Surface Science

Roles of sulfur in floating-catalyst CVD growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes for transparent conductive film applications

Publishing year: 2019 Chemical Engineering Journal
Department of Applied Physics, New Energy Technologies, Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, Industrial Chemistry

A two-anode reduction technique to monitor the defect and dope the surface of TiO2 nanotube array as photo-anode for water splitting

Publishing year: 2019 Applied Catalysis B: Environmental
ROTA – Topological superfluids, School services, SCI, Department of Applied Physics

Half-quantum vortices and walls bounded by strings in the polar-distorted phases of topological superfluid 3He

Publishing year: 2019 Nature Communications
Department of Applied Physics, Nanomagnetism and Spintronics

Tunable magnetoplasmonics in lattices of Ni/SiO2/Au dimers

Publishing year: 2019 Scientific Reports
Surface Science, Department of Applied Physics

Noble copper-silver-gold trimetallic nanobowls

Publishing year: 2019 Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
Department of Applied Physics

Enhanced sensitivity of MoSe2 monolayer for gas adsorption induced by electric field

Publishing year: 2019 Journal of physics: Condensed matter
School services, SCI, New Energy Technologies, Department of Applied Physics

Different flexibility options for better system integration of wind power

Publishing year: 2019 Energy Strategy Reviews
Fusion and Plasma Physics, Department of Applied Physics

Overview of first Wendelstein 7-X high-performance operation

Publishing year: 2019 Nuclear Fusion
New Energy Technologies, Department of Applied Physics

A facile method to produce TiO2 nanorods for high-efficiency dye solar cells

Publishing year: 2019 Journal of Power Sources
Department of Applied Physics, Complex Systems and Materials

Magnetic non-contact friction from domain wall dynamics actuated by oscillatory mechanical motion

Publishing year: 2019 Journal of Physics D - Applied Physics
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