Department of Applied Physics

FACILITIES: Soft Matter and Wetting group

The Soft Matter and Wetting research group is located in Nanotalo at the Otaniemi campus. We share laboratory facilities with Molecular Materials research group, and also have equipment of the Department of Applied Physics and the Nanomicroscopy Center (NMC) at our disposal.

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Equipment operated by Soft Matter and Wetting

Interested users are encouraged to contact the responsible persons listed below.

Sample preparation

We have access to a well-equipped wet chemistry lab with several fume hoods, high-vacuum ovens, pressure annealing ovens, electrospinning apparatus, spin-coating, centrifuge, automated LbL machine, sputtering, etc... Other sample preparation tools accessible to us include:

  • Sample trimmer: Leica EM Trim
  • Ultramicrotome: Leica 125 UCT with cryo: Leica EM FC S
  • Sputter: Emitech K100X/K350/K950X, carbon and metal sputtering, glow discharge unit
  • Vitrobot: automated vitrifying equipment for cryo-TEM sample preparation
  • Spin coater: Headway Research PWM32 for making thin films
  • Centrifuge: Beckman Coulter Allegra X-22R
  • Sonicators, both bath-type and tip-type
  • Ovens: vacuum, pyrolysis, pressure annealing etc.
  • UV reactor: Rayonet RPR-200
  • Automatic Layer-by-Layer deposition
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