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Cryocourse 2023 - Practical Info and registration

Below you'll find instructions on how to register for Cryocourse 2023 as well as practical information.
Drone shot of Nuuksio by Visit Espoo
Cryocourse 2023 takes place in the scenic vistas of Nuuksio. Photo: DSP Media, courtesy of Visit Espoo.

Registration and what is included

Participating in Cryocourse 2023 is free of charge. Accommodation in double rooms, daily meals, coffee between sessions, as well as social program indicated in the program will be provided to the participants. Local transportation is provided by the organisers, while international travel must be arranged by the participants themselves.

Registration is closed. All registered applicants have been contacted by the organisers on the final selection of participants. If you have applied but did not receive a decision, please check your email spam folder or contact the organisers for clarification.

Venue and transportation

The school takes place in Hotel Nuuksio, situated within the Nuuksio National park in Espoo, Finland. It is about 30 minutes drive from Helsinki Vantaa airport or Helsinki city center. There are easily accessible public transport routes nearby. Joint transport on Thursday, May 18th will be arranged from downtown Helsinki (see the program).

Hands on sessions of the program take place at Aalto University main campus in Otaniemi, Espoo.

A shuttle bus transportation will be organised for the school participants whenever the Course leaves Nuuksio.


All participating students are requested to bring a poster, to be presented during the school. Title of the poster should be provided at the time of the registration.

The poster boards are of size A0, and vertical alignment is preferred.

The presentations are divided into three sessions according to the initial letter of the presenter's surname. Session 1: A - H, Session 2: I - P, Session 3: Q - Z.

Hands-on exercises

The hands-on exercises will be carried out in four groups. The groups cycle through the following exercises / instructors:

Exercise A) Superconducting cavity resonator / Jere Mäkinen

Exercise B) Qubit control and measurement / Marko Kuzmanovic

Exercise C) Thermometry / Igor Todoshchenko, Chang Yu-Cheng

Exercise D) Microwave techniques / Ilari Lilja, Ekaterina Mukhanova

Visit to Bluefors

Please note, that for entry to Bluefors company at the end of the course, you will need to prove your identity with a valid ID card or passport.

Free time activities

(Free of charge)

  • Hiking in Nuuksio National Park (maps and walking sticks available at the reception)
  • Hotel Gym
  • Tennis & Badminton
  • Rowing boats (life vests available at the reception)
  • Cycling (basic bikes available at the reception)
  • Swimming at Lake Siikajärvi
  • Disc-Golf course around the hotel (discs available at the reception)
  • Finnish outdoor games (Mölkky, Petanque)

Local organizing committee

Pertti Hakonen, Aalto University
Juha Tuoriniemi, Aalto University
Vladimir Eltsov, Aalto University
Minna Günes, Aalto University
Susanna Marttala, Aalto University

For questions and more information, contact

Minna Günes

Senior Academic Coordinator

Susanna Marttala

Finance Secretary
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