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Program codes published as part of our works.

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Program codes:

  • Computation of error in contact angle measurement due to baseline shifting (matlab):
    This piece of software computes contact angles and errors produced in optical contact angle goniometry measurement by shifting the baseline by one pixel up and down.
    Related to the paper Liu et al., Improving surface-wetting characterization,
    Science 363, 1147−1148 (2019). Author: Maja Vuckovac
  • Python implementation of axisymmetric drop shape simulation (python):
    This piece of software performs axisymmetric drop shape simulation by solving the differential Young-Laplace equation in cylindrical symmetry.
    Related to the paper Huhtamäki et al., Surface-Wetting Characterization using Contact-Angle Measurements,
    Nature Protocols, 13, 1521–1538 (2018). Author: Juuso T. Korhonen
  • drop-simulator (matlab):
    Compute the adhesive force of a drop on a surface, using Matlab.
    Related to paper Liimatainen et al., Mapping microscale wetting variations on biological and synthetic water repellent surfaces",
    Nature Communications 8, 1798 (2017). Author: Veikko Sariola
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