Department of Applied Physics

CEST - Research overview

CEST's research topics can be classified into three interacting branches: theory and method development, materials modeling, and machine learning materials science.
CEST research - theory

Theory and method development

Development of high-accuracy quantum-mechanical first-principles methods that can facilitates a better description of matter and unlocks new applications.

Contact persons: Marc Dvorak and Dorothea Golze

CEST - materials

Electronic materials modeling

Computational modeling of novel electronic materials using density-functional-theory (DFT) and DFT-based multiscale methods

Contact person: Jingrui Li

CEST - interfaces

Hybrid interfaces

Exploration of hybrid (organic-inorganic) interfaces in functional materials using DFT and DFT-based machine learning methods

Contact person: Milica Todorović

CEST - machine learning

Machine learning materials science

Development of cutting-edge machine learning methods and application in modern materials science

Contact persons: Milica Todorović and Lauri Himanen

CEST - database-driven

Database-driven materials science

Materials science research taking advantage of big data

Contact persons: Amber Gurts and Lauri Himanen

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