Department of Applied Physics

Brown Bag Seminars

Physics Brown Bag Seminars present exciting research in physics to the Aalto community

Physics brown bag seminars highlight exciting new results arising from the physics community at Aalto. At the same time, they provide an opportunity to have some pizza and listen to an entertaining talk in the lobby of Nanotalo (unless otherwise posted). These seminars are given at a general level for a broad audience. 


27.10. Tero Mäkinen "Propagating Portevin–Le Chatelier shear bands in a metal alloy as critical avalanches"

22.09. Robert Drost "Do it yourself, quantum magnet"

26.05. Niki Loppi: "Physics-Informed Neural Networks with NVIDIA Modulus"

5.05. Sakari Lepikko: "Droplet slipperiness despite surface heterogeneity at molecular scale"

31.03. Sebastiano Peotta "Signatures of many-body localization of quasiparticles in a flat band superconductor"

10.03. Timo Kamppinen "Nanoelectromechanical probes of quantum liquids"


16.12. Matilda Backholm "Physics of mesoscale soft and living materials"

25.11 Andrea Sand "Electronic energy losses in radiation-induced collision cascades"

28.10. Nikos Kyriakopoulos "Square droplets and liquid lattices: non-equilibrium patterns and activity"

23.9. Laure Mercier de Lépinay "What is mechanical entanglement and how to detect it"


13.3. Xi Chen "Hybrid Noble Metal Clusters: Building Blocks for Novel Nanomaterials"- postponed for now.

14.2. Antti Snicker "An instability and a wave inside a microturbulent fusion plasma".


13.12. Hongwei Tan "Tactile sensory coding and learning with bioinspired optoelectronic spiking afferent nerves"

18.10. Tommi Tenkanen "What is dark matter?"

13.9. Jose Lado "Topological and correlated quantum matter in twisted graphene multilayers"

17.6. Gregory Beaune "Response of model tissues to frequency-dependent aspiration"

10.5 Henri Salmenjoki "Machine learning plastic deformation of crystals"

15.3. Janne Halme* and Pyry Mäkinen "Towards maximum efficiency of colourful photovoltaics"

15.2. Hang Zhang "Programming hydrogel with a classical conditioning algorithm"


14.12. Jere Mäkinen "Topological and composite defects in engineered superfluid phases of helium-3"

30.11. Andrey Lebedev "Quantum metrology with superconducting qubits"

2.11. Prokop Hapala "Computer aided AFM imaging & recognition of 3D molecules"

28.09. Maja Vuckovac "Characterization challenges for superhydrophobic surfaces"

15.06. Kay Brandner "Potential and Limitations of Quantum Heat Engines" - Otakaari 1, Hall D

01.06. Milica Todorović "Artificial Intelligence for Molecules on Surfaces"

17.05 Shilpi Singh "Entropy can also decrease"

20.04. Fan Zheyong "Molecular Dynamics study of heat transport in low-dimensional materials"

16.02. Antti Moilanen "Bose-Einstein condensation in a plasmonic lattice"

12.01. Farid Karimi and Amber Geurts on social and political science in PHYS


15.12. Ivan Degtyarenko "Computational resources at Aalto for non-HPC users"

17.11. Hannu-Pekka Komsa "Looking for charge density waves"

27.10. René Bes "Nuclear fuel characterization using synchrotron radiation: current and future opportunities" 

09.06. Rhodri Mansell "Topological excitations in magnetic materials for data storage applications"

12.05. Joona Kontula "Fusion with a twist"

07.04. Arri Priimägi "Autonomous, self-regulated photoactuators"

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