Department of Applied Physics

APS IDEA Network Participation

The Department of Applied Physics became a member of the international APS IDEA network in 2020
Logo of APS-IDEA Institution showing a diverse set of people

Part of our mission is guided by participation in the international APS IDEA (Inclusion, diversity and equity alliance) network sponsored by the American Physical Society. APS IDEA's role is to build an international network of physics institutions and provide tools borrowed from social sciences to implement long term culture change- these include shared leadership, theory of change, sensemaking and others.

We engage with this network in regular online learning sessions and participate in bi-annual workshops (currently online)- we reflect on the learnings from these sessions and plan concrete, department-oriented actions accordingly. These actions include team building, outreach to the PHYS community via events and various ways of communication, ensuring minorities are heard and represented, raising awareness, preventing harassment and improving community spirit step by step. We aim to achieve our goals in cooperation with the PHYS leadership and local HR.

In the future, we would like to be a model institution for other Departments in physics and beyond.

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