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Articles published in ABS 3-4* by our accounting faculty members since 2017.


Gender differences in the first course of accounting: An achievement goal approach

Jari Huikku, Emma-Riikka Myllymäki, Hannu Ojala 2022 The British Accounting Review

External Factors and the Pricing of Audit Services: A Systematic Review of the Archival Literature using a PESTLE Analysis

Brigitte Eierle, Sven Hartlieb, David Hay, Lasse Niemi, Hannu Ojala 2022 AUDITING: A Journal of Practice & Theory

Accounting in Identity Regulation: Producing the Appropriate Worker

Juhani Vaivio, Marko Järvenpää, Antti Rautiainen 2021 European Accounting Review

The tribes in the field of servitization: Discovering latent streams across 30 years of research

Rodrigo Rabetino, Marko Kohtamäki, Saara A. Brax, Jukka Sihvonen 2021 Industrial Marketing Management

Does financial reporting quality vary across firm life cycle?

Gopal V. Krishnan, Emma-Riikka Myllymäki, Neerav Nagar 2021 Journal of Business Finance & Accounting

Age, gender, and risk-taking: Evidence from the S&P 1500 executives and market-based measures of firm risk

Jarkko Peltomäki, Jukka Sihvonen, Steve Swidler, Sami Vähämaa 2021 Journal of Business Finance & Accounting

Dividends and tax avoidance as drivers of earnings management: Evidence from dividend-paying private SMEs in Finland

Jussi Karjalainen, Eero Kasanen, Juha Kinnunen, Jyrki Niskanen 2020 Journal of Small Business Management

What Turns the Taxman on? Tax Aggressiveness, Financial Statement Audits, and Tax Return Adjustments in Small Private Companies

Hannu Ojala, Juha Kinnunen, Lasse Niemi, Pontus Troberg, Jill Collins 2020 The International Journal of Accounting

Culture and management control interdependence: An analysis of control choices that complement the delegation of authority in Western cultural regions

Teemu Malmi, David S. Bedford, Rolf Brühl, Johan Dergård, Sophie Hoozée, Otto Janschek, Jeanette Willert, Christian Ax, Piotr Bednarek, Maurice Gosselin, Michael Hanzlick, Poul Israelsen, Daniel Johanson, Tobias Johanson, Dag Øivind Madsen, Carsten Rohde, Mikko Sandelin, Torkel Stromsten, Thomas Toldbod 2020 Accounting, Organizations and Society

Reputation Capital of Directorships and Demand for Audit Quality

Antti Fredriksson, Anila Kiran, Lasse Niemi 2020 European Accounting Review

IQ and Audit Quality: Do Smarter Auditors Deliver Better Audits?

Jenni Kallunki, Juha-Pekka Kallunki, Lasse Niemi, Henrik Nilsson 2019 Contemporary Accounting Research

Research on International Standards on Auditing: Literature synthesis and opportunities for future research

Elina Haapamäki, Jukka Sihvonen 2019 Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation

The dynamism of pre-decision controls in the appraisal of strategic investments

Jari Huikku, Jouko Karjalainen, Tomi Seppälä 2018 The British Accounting Review

Relative reliability and the recognisable firm: Calculating goodwill impairment value

Jari Huikku, Jan Mouritsen, Hanna Silvola 2017 Accounting, Organizations and Society
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