Department of Accounting & Business Law

Highly Cited Articles

Articles published in ABS 3-4* by our accounting faculty members with a minimum of 80 Scopus citations.


Management control systems as a package—Opportunities, challenges and research directions

Teemu Malmi, David A. Brown 2008 Management Accounting Research

Balanced scorecards in Finnish companies: A research note

Teemu Malmi 2001 Management Accounting Research

Moderate impact of ERPS on management accounting: a lag or permanent outcome?

Markus Granlund, Teemu Malmi 2002 Management Accounting Research

Management accounting change

John Burns, Juhani Vaivio 2001 Management Accounting Research

In Search of Management Accounting Theory

Teemu Malmi, Markus Granlund 2009 European Accounting Review

Structuring servitization-related research

Rodrigo Rabetino, Willem Harmsen, Marko Kohtamäki, Jukka Sihvonen 2018 International Journal of Operations & Production Management

Examining “The quantified customer”

Juhani Vaivio 1999 Accounting, Organizations and Society

Exploring a `non-financial' management accounting change

Juhani Vaivio 1999 Management Accounting Research

Configurations of control: An exploratory analysis

David S. Bedford, Teemu Malmi 2015 Management Accounting Research

Social Influence and Consumption: Evidence from the Automobile Purchases of Neighbors

Mark Grinblatt, Matti Keloharju, Seppo Ikäheimo 2008 The Review of Economics and Statistics
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